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Maria Bartiromo: 25 Years After Reporting from the New York Stock Exchange

Celebrating a historic milestone for the NYSE

Maria Bartiromo, Anchor & Global Markets Editor, Fox Business Network, Virtually Rings The Opening Bell® The New York Stock Exchange and Betty Liu, Executive Vice Chairman, NYSE Group, are joined virtually with Maria Bartiromo, Anchor & Global Markets Editor, Fox Business Network today, Tuesday, August 4, 2020, as they celebrate Maria’s special milestone 25th anniversary of becoming the first reporter to broadcast live from the Trading Floor. Photo Credit: NYSE

Some of you may or may not be aware but every morning that the New York Stock Exchange opens for trading, there is a significant person or business that gets the opportunity to ring the opening bell signaling the start of trading.

It could be a new company that is listing itself on the exchange (otherwise known as an IPO) or it could be someone extremely influential. Just over 25 years ago now, Maria Bartiromo a top TV host with Fox Business became the first journalist to report live from the New York Stock Exchange.

She helped pave the way for other notable journalists and public media personalities but also women in general. After all, she was a woman walking into an industry often dominated by men.

Bartiromo has interviewed billionaires, presidents, and financial moguls like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio & JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon that you can find exclusively on Fox News.

The Fox Business vet was the first to go to Wall Street to report on TV when she was only 27 in 1995. She was among just a few women on the floor, which at a time like that I’m sure was very nerve-wracking and a brave thing to do for a woman.

She once stated that she had a guy yell at her to “get out of his way” while “another pushed into her” while navigating the floor on that first day. In the end, she kept pushing through because she knew she was good at her job and wanted to do whatever possible to really set a precedent for women

Bartiromo, who rang the exchange bell virtually to mark the anniversary of her 25 years in the business, had to fight tooth and nail for every interview and inch she got in the business.

Being a woman among men in a dominant place like Wall Street is no easy task. Bartiromo is an inspiration and leader to many.

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