Mark Rios aka Mr. Dripping Is Bringing New Styles Of Art To Light

Art has always been a major cornerstone of culture and society. Since the beginning of time, humans have expressed themselves through artwork. Famous pieces of art have had major impacts on people around the world and have even influenced the way history unfolded. Art has been used in symbolic form to push forward different movements and inform people of what is going on globally. The importance of artwork can never be overstated.

Mark Rios, better known as Mr. Dripping on social media, has brought his own unique style of art to light. The Barcelona, Spain native’s work as a fashion designer and artist has been featured in many different cities on an international scale, including Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Besides doing freelance work, Mr. Dripping has collaborated on a plethora of different projects with advertising agencies, event agencies, fashion brands, and even hotels. Public figures like Chris Brown, Neymar Jr., Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston are among the famous individuals who have recognized his work.

Mr. Dripping began conceptualizing his unique style of art back in 2014. “In 2014, I started doing drippings of paint onto the canvas with the aim to carefully scrape it off when solidified and produce a free-standing 3D artwork,” said Mr. Dripping. “Ever since then, I have been able to perfect my technique where I am able to make precise pictures of individuals.” After realizing how well received his work was, he began focusing more on making portraits.

He spent a year showing his art pieces in a small touristic area of Barcelona, where he found the potential of his work. At the same time, he began doing live performances, showing his dripping technique to crowds. This allowed him to gain exposure and the interest of hotels, clubs, fashion brands, weddings, corporate events, and private clients.

Mr. Dripping moved to New York City in 2016 with the intention of taking his talent abroad. Here he established a good network of clients and did events such as a show at PHD Dream Hotel featuring Kygo and a brand collaboration with Black Pyramid. He spent much of 2017 traveling between Europe and America, getting more eyes on his art.

Mr. Dripping’s unique art style was found as an accident but has affected millions of people across the world. Mr. Dripping looks forward to continuing to inspire others around the world to think outside of what’s normal. He stated that he plans to release music soon as he feels the music used during his performances never accurately captured the moment.

For more information on Mr. Dripping, you can check out his Instagram below:

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