Marketing Automation: How to Streamline Your In-House Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation: How to Streamline Your In-House Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation is the use of technology to make marketing jobs automated. This can include tasks like sending out email campaigns or posting to social media accounts. Specific software will schedule and send or post marketing information according to specific instructions. 

The automatic programming will relieve the pressure from carrying out these tasks manually to a busy time frame. Recent research into in-house marketing demonstrates that it can improve a businesses’ creativity and productivity – you can download the full report here.  

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Time

The most obvious benefit of moving a businesses’ marketing activities in-house is a streamlining of marketing processes. This will save time in essential tasks such as nurturing business leads. Automatic follow-up communications with potential leads are an important area of marketing to get right. By including it as a vital part of a campaign you can be assured it will get done properly.

An in-house marketing team can devote more of their time to specific strategies by automating time-consuming marketing activities. More creative and personalised elements can then be developed accordingly as more time is freed up.  

  • Expense

Automated marketing will save your business money. How? It all comes down to customer retention. Keeping current customers happy and engaged is less expensive than delivering a new campaign to find new customers. 

Marketing automation will be able to deliver valuable content to keep customers engaged. This will help maintain a relationship of trust and satisfaction between business and customer. 

  • Activity on Socials 

Social media activity has never been more important to businesses. With reports showing that 55% of consumers find out about new brands on social, it is essential to keep accounts active. 

Marketing automation will ensure that on-message posts delivering the right information will get published across your business’s social accounts. You can schedule posts however you wish and can rest assured that valuable content will be published both on time and in the right channel. 

  • Customer Development 

A successful integration of marketing automation offers the chance to develop your relationship with a targeted customer base. Marketing automation will communicate across various channels including email and social media to take into account a customer’s changing needs. 

The evolving commitments to the requirements of a customer base can be modified according to behaviours and interactions. Marketing automation can then work alongside the in-house marketing team to react effectively to the specific needs of the customer. 

  • Discovering New Leads 

The most valuable new customer prospects can also be prioritised through a successful use of in-house marketing. Marketing software can send out responses based on triggers linked to a lead’s interaction with your website or socials. 

The automated communications can help distinguish whether a lead could use a more personalised or specific response. It will also showcase how far along in their journey to finding more about your business they are. This prioritising of leads more likely to become customers will save energy across the campaign.

In effect, the marketing automation allows a team to ‘home in’ on a good prospect. This will speed up the task of identifying prospective leads and converting them into customers. 

  • Brand Messaging 

In-house marketing and automated marketing campaigns can work together to ensure that the brand message stays consistent. 

Using automated marketing helps to offer a detailed picture of customers and leads activity and specific requirements. The marketing team can analyse how they interact with communications across the campaign and react accordingly. 

  • Improve Marketing ROI

Successful marketing automation will help deliver a valuable marketing ROI. Marketing automation will increase the potential to save more time and money, as well as converting more leads.  

The performing of simple tasks such as managing emails lists and housing documents and images means the marketing investment can be used for other more complex activities. 

  • Increased Creativity and Time 

A key advantage of utilising automated marketing is the freeing up of time. An in-house marketing team will have more freedom to come up with more creative and original campaigns that require a distinctly human touch.

By taking out the more time-consuming but necessarily vital elements of marketing, they will experience more time and space to get creative. 

Marketing automation is a valuable method of simplifying vital marketing tasks. It will offer a collection of benefits to an in-house team including saving time and money. By utilising it efficiently, your business can send out relevant and productive content across all channels.

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