Marketing Pioneer Oscar Barragan Is Helping Scale Companies Around the World at 23

In 2020, we have witnessed a huge increase of social media activity with an estimated 3.6 billion people using some form of social media platform across the globe. Recent events of COVID-19 made the most parts of the world come to a halt earlier this year.

Oscar Barragan, a 23-year-old entrepreneur originally from Montery, California helps to scale businesses of all sizes within the social media sector. Barragan has a very impressive portfolio already, working with some hugely respected brands and businesses of which are turning over 7 figures per year.

“My first 6 months in business I didn’t once concentrate on how much money I was making, because it wasn’t much at all. My main objective was building strong relationships with new customers, gaining their trust by delivering them accurate effective results. The strong relationships I have built with my customers has leveraged my business to new heights, as my customers grow, my business grows.”

Barragan’s collaboration with Loudley Media Agency and co-founder Steve Morales has been one of his key accomplishments in the world of social media. He’s hard work and consistency garnered over 100+ Million impressions for clients and revenues over tunes of $3.5 million leveraging Facebook marketing. Barragan’s knowledge and expertise of social media has led Loudley Media Agency to new heights and acquire clients from all industries.

After having an insightful conversation with Barragan, it was apparent that the reason behind his success is his hard work and dedication to his customers. “My business is my customers, without them I would not have a business and therefore it is vital for me to keep delivering them with the best service I can possibly offer”. While helping to scale his existing clients, Barragan followed on to tell us that he is taking on new clients daily and will continue to take all the necessary measures to expand his business if necessary in order to cater for as many clients that required his services.

Aside from social media marketing, Barragan also specializes in a wide variety of digital services that include branding, web development, graphic design, custom content, app development, and social media management, to mention a few. Barragan believes that superior content is one of the key elements that contribute to the success of any digital marketing initiative. The content draws people to check out the social media account, and it also has the ability to develop loyalty among target customers. It is for these reasons that Barragan only puts out excellent content that is well-planned and executed.

Concluding our interview with Barragan, we asked the 23-year-old entrepreneur what advice he would give to anyone starting out with their business venture. Barragan followed on to tell us that encourage individuals who are looking to start their own businesses to seek advice from professionals. He strongly believes that if you have the right mindset when getting into entrepreneurship, that you can accomplish your goals. Barragan wants to remind new entrepreneurs that, “there are many ups and downs along the way that will come unexpectedly. By maintaining a clear vision, working on yourself daily and accepting/learning from your past you will always prevail. Instead of quitting, take time to rest and process what your problems are.”

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