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Dr. Bolu Oladini

Several years ago, Dr. Bolu Oladini had a profound realization: Most single people are going about dating all wrong. They are looking to find the perfect partner instead of trying to become the perfect partner for the person that they want. They only think about what they want instead of what their potential partner would want in them. Most relationship problems are really just mindset problems.

Luckily, he has the background, tools, and the skillset to help his clients solve these problems. With his training as a  Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Bolu uses a clinical approach to break down his clients’ issues to get them the results that they need. With his background in psychology, he uses his unique understanding of the human mind to overcome limiting beliefs and blockages  in your subconscious mind. 

As a life and relationship coach, Dr. Bolu helps single men become high value men and shows women how to attract them without spending years “working on themselves” through a process called conscious dating. He founded CONFLUENCE Life Coaching to help people master their mental game and understand themselves on a deeper level.

The world is moving at a much faster pace today than forty years ago. Many of you have realized that you can’t take dating advice from your parents, because we simply live in a different world. And who has time to spend years “working on themselves” before getting back out onto the dating market? Like many others, you are busy with work, school and business, and time is not a luxury you have. 

This is exactly why Dr. Bolu started his Coaching Program Relationship Mastery. Dr. Bolu has made this more comfortable and faster than traditional coaching programs. His Relationship Mastery program is a six week program centered around this issue, not everyone has time to spend on long-term ventures.

Relationship Mastery Program

If you want to take your relationships to the next level, the CONFLUENCE Life Coaching  Relationship Mastery Program will help you get ahead of the game. This will take you to the next level in your relationships and is perfect for those who are single or already part of a couple. This teaches you how to set boundaries, create values, and communicate within yourself and your partner. It also offers help navigating dating apps and has specific modules for married couples. And to maintain balance in your marriage. You aren’t left alone in this journey. It involves support, weekly coaching calls, and a supportive community to help you get to the next level in your relationship.

With so much to offer, Dr. Bolu offers what others are unable to do. Many relationship coaches are single, and they don’t practice what they preach. Dr. Bolu has been married for over 2 years, so much of what he teaches comes from his experience. Having been single as recently as 2017, he is very much connected to the reality of the modern dating market. One of the main reasons that he became a coach is that he wants to help people win. Working with Dr. Bolu as your coach will help you win in life and relationships.

With the limiting beliefs ingrained by media and movies, Dr. Bolu sets forth to solving these problems that are hindering your life and relationships. As there is no “perfect” way to have a relationship, Oladini breaks through these stereotypes and lousy information that make for a great movie but bad advice or guidance.

Dr. Bolu Gets Results

Working with clients and over-delivering is how Dr. Oladini delivers on his service and value. He has helped one client turn her dating life around within a thirty-minute call. He went deep and resolved many of the issues that held her back. She said “I thought I had a fairly solid list, but Dr. Bolu helped me move from superficial qualities to underlying character traits.” While the information may have proven a bit overwhelming, the caller’s results were unmistakable and overjoyed the caller.

Dr. Bolu also shows people how to live your life on your terms. The Alternative Prescription Podcast helps you rewrite your life and focuses on personal development, entrepreneurship, relationships, and fitness. Dr. Bolu truly works to inspire others and lift them up.

He has a very popular free guides named 6 Relationship Red Flags Not to Ignore. There is also a free Discovery Call centered around life or relationship coaching to take advantage of. His work sets the industry on fire and he has been featured in Yahoo! Finance as one of ten experts and coaches to watch out for. 

In his guide, 5 Steps to Create a Bulletproof Mindset, he delves into how journaling and meditation can help you visualize your future desired state. He offers the tools to recognize your weaknesses and strengths and pinpoint them to control your life inputs. It’ll help you map out what’s needed to help you become the best version of yourself. To help you further succeed, Oladini gives you the steps and processes required to get to the next version of yourself and how to get there so you can continue moving forward at being a better you.

For More Information visit or contact Dr. Bolu On Instagram @Doctor_Bolu

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