MD Khan, State Secretary of Indian Youth Congress and Actress Mrs. Alisha Abdullah Organize Food Donation Drive in Egmore

To ease the misery of the needy amidst these tough times of the pandemic, Mr. MD Khan, the state secretary of Indian Youth Congress, also known as the ‘voice of people ‘ and Actress Mrs. Alisha Abdullah, the first woman racer of India organized a donation drive in the locality of Egmore, Chennai with NHRACACB volunteers.

The drive took place on the 22nd of May 2021 from 11 am to 2 pm where the volunteers distributed daily essentials like food, masks, sanitizers, and water bottles to the day-to-day wagers, laborers, corporate workers, front liners, vendors, etc. who have been struggling to cope up with the hardships caused due to the pandemic.

1000 packets of nutritious food, 1500 masks and hand sanitizers, and 3000 water bottles were distributed throughout Egmore.

The drive was held considering all the necessary precautions and following the covid guidelines.

The initiative was taken by Mr. MD Khan, president of NHRACACB South India and his team along with the dedicated volunteers of the organization and others namely, Mohammed Sulaiman, Darshan Ostwal, Kalpesh Bafna, Puyesh Rathod, Rohit Kochar, Shubham Chippad, ShryanshJain, Suraj M, Ramesh Arvind, Syed Assem Peer, Naresh Vaishnav, Darvin and Sohan Hindocha.

Mrs. Alisha Abdullah also graced the drive with her participation.

Each one of them made a great contribution in supporting the initiative and making the drive a huge success.

The members have been working constantly to provide relief and support to those who have faced worse during the pandemic.

While many of us have the privilege of being inside our homes comfortably, there are so many people out there who are struggling day and night to merely survive, while there are numerous who have lost their means of livelihood.

Hence, it becomes a responsibility to share a bit of what we have with those who are completely deprived. MD Khan himself stepped out on the streets and actively led the drive along with Mrs. Alisha.

“Being able to bring a comforting smile on the faces of people who have been suffering for long is the most beautiful feeling. Everyone should try to experience this joy. We are dedicated to this good cause,” proclaimed Mr. Khan.

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