Med-Well LLC Offering Premium Hemp-Derived Products for Athletes

Scotty Abourisk’s (@scottyabourisk) Med-Well LLC aims to provide premium-quality hemp products for amateur and professional athletes looking for supplementary additions to their diets and lifestyle better functional and physical health.

The company currently offers premium hemp-derived recovery supplements like vegan gummies, roll-on freeze gels, and organically-grown indoor hemp flower. All of their products are 2018 Farm Bill compliant, meaning everything has less than 0.3% THC, are lab-tested with COAs, and athlete approved. The brand is catered to the action sports world – which includes but is not limited to skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, motocross, mountain biking, skiing, wakeboarding, and much much more. Though the brand is targeted towards action sports, it is available to all looking to better their lives. All of their products help athletes recover and recuperate to optimal levels so they can get back to doing what they love without any physical or mental stress debilitating their abilities.

Some of the unique characteristics about Med-Well Brand are that not only is it created by a true sports enthusiast who is passionate about skating, surfing, and snowboarding, but their community consists of some of the top and upcoming athletes in the world. Some of the biggest athletes who endorsed the brand include Alex Sorgente, Trey Wood, and Zion Wright (@alexsorgente / @treywood / @zionwright), who are professional skateboarders, Cj Titus (@cj.titus) who is an up and coming Mega-Ramp skater, Greyson Beal (@greysonbeal1), who is going to be the next best street skater in the industry, and Shane Borland (@shaneborland), an amateur surfer, who will be in the professional ranks before we know it. Their community is still growing as they are collaborating with various athletes and sports personalities who are keen on using and benefiting from the products.

Abourisk’s personal experience with hemp led him to realize his plans for recovery supplements that will provide calming benefits without any psychotropic effects. Through endless research, trials, and errors, he managed to find some of the best products available on the market, and gradually, Med-Well LLC was founded.

The future plans and goals for Med-Well LLC are to take this small-scale brand into a multi-billion dollar company. The company also aims at hosting events and sports excursions like surf trips, snowboard excursions, skate trips, motocross events, and more for the team and community. The journey will inspire those who want to join the community and teach everyone about the benefits of the plant. The brand looks forward to growing internationally and claiming the shelves of every store in the US. They’re working on creating the absolute best products available on the market available for everyone from all walks of life. They will revolutionize hemp-driven products and where it’s headed down the road.

The introduction of CBD-infused products has seen a boom in recent years as more and more professional industries are considering its health benefits. Med-Well LLC aims to integrate a community that will help sports personalities and athletes avail the right doses that will benefit their mind, health, and stamina. Abourisk, a sports enthusiast himself, began exploring the benefits of the cannabis plant, which opened the doors to more boundaries in the industry. His path crossed with some of the top skateboarders in the US, and they connected on common ground. Thus his exposure and reach expanded as he started meeting more people in the skateboard industry and action sports world, which was the first step to realizing his dreams. All products sold by Med-Well LLC are committed to improving the lives of all. They believe in consistency and quality in the products that they sell. These edible and lifestyle products enable people from all walks of life to recoup, recover, and perform at optimum levels in their personal and professional lives. The goal is to pave the way for an integrated and unanimous world that will understand the potential of the plant and its importance in the daily maintenance of lifestyles. The new generation of supplements will lead the way into the future as the whole world benefits from its advantages.

Med-Well LLC was formed after Scotty partnered with a grower and manufacturer to create products for athletes. Through the company, he also aims to contribute to the poor cultivation practices and open the doors and accessibility for the global consumer for high-quality, effective products.

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