Meet Aschraf Mahmud, the Multi-Skilled and Incredible Entrepreneur the World Needs to Know More About

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those people who have tried to push their limits and challenge themselves to make it huge across the business world and create a unique name for themselves. All these individuals have shown what it really takes to become one of the greatest in the business, inspiring many other aspiring entrepreneurs of the world. We came across one such name in the business world named Aschraf Mahmud, who has reached the skies with the level of expertise he has gained with his multiple businesses and the success he has achieved through the same.

Aschraf Mahmud is a German National and now is a resident of Dubai for many years. Right from the beginning, if anything that did attract him the most, it was the idea to create something of his own and make a name for himself across the business world. This talented man went ahead to do the same and today is one of the leaders in the business world with his empire Aras Group. He proudly confesses that he has a lot of businesses in Dubai and also in Germany and most of them are under the umbrella of his holding company Aras Group (

Speaking about the incredible talent in Aschraf Mahmud, his main focus is in the space of real estate development, buying and selling as well as rentals, brokerage and consulting. Currently, he is building a magnificent tower in Dubai in the Majan Area with 96 apartments and is looking forward to getting it done by August this year. Another of his project will be of 74 apartments, which will get launched in Dubai in four months.

Under his huge empire, his development company in Dubai is named Aras Development ( that works with the aim to create spaces for perfection and class at the most affordable prices. Apart from this, Aschraf Mahmud also has a real estate brokerage company called Aras Real Estate in Dubai, specializing in selling, buying, renting, leasing and managing properties efficiently.

Aschraf Mahmud is building a community with Kindergarten, a big playground, 10 huge Villas, a tower with 61 huge Apartments in Germany. The talented entrepreneur also has investments in the food and beverage space and a few restaurants in Dubai. The multi-skilled professional did not leave the transportation and tourism industry behind and has made quite a name in this space as well. Today, he has clients, including Danata, Alpha Tours, TUI, big hotel groups, etc.

He provides merger and acquisitions consulting services to various stakeholders, including corporate shareholders, banks, entrepreneurs, management teams, and private equity firms. Aschraf Mahmud has shown excellence in the financial field with blockchain and forex and has even helped companies get financing over 1 Billion USD through Aras Group.

Looking at the success that Aschraf Mahmud has gained so far in his career, one can imagine the feats he is yet to achieve across his business ventures. To know more, follow him on Instagram @dubai_prinz.

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