Meet Dada Harsh & Axe the Hip Hop Kings Disrupting the Music Industry

Dada Harsh is a talented hip-hop artist based in the United Kingdom. He is originally from Jamaica. Together with his brother Axe, they moved to the United Kingdom in the early days of their life. Today, they are one of the upcoming artists based in south London and are endowed with local connections all over London.

Dada Harsh started his career in music doing attempts and studio recordings and coincidentally influenced his younger brother Axe into becoming a hip-hop artist. Over the years, the two brothers have done collaborations on projects. Since realizing the talent in his younger brother, Dada has paired up with Axe in most of his projects.

The Fire Behind The Engine

Dada Harsh’s and Axe’s music revolves around people and their daily lifestyle. From the lyrics, we get a picture of the lifestyle of people living in the United Kingdom. Their primary motivation is the desire to impact lives all over the world through music.

Music to Dada and Axe are a tool that allows them to express the suffering of people in society. Also, through music, Dada says, he has an opportunity to reach his fans and better their lives. According to Dada and Axe, helping people does not only involve financial assistance. Help can come in many ways, such as counseling, advising, and creating public awareness.

Finding pleasure in the process of making music is also a motivation in Dada’s and Axe’s career. They describe the creative process as stimulating, especially creating something unique and original that makes people feel something. Therefore, being able to make people feel something through their work is indeed their biggest motivation.

Having a music video provides an avenue for creativity, making the creative process even more stimulating, hence more motivational. Lastly, musicians enjoy many additional advantages besides the public’s attention and the power to influence and control the masses. This, too, motivates Dada Harsh and Axe in their music career.


 Some actions in public have been ignored, and artists are sometimes required to be whistleblowers and champions of change. Sometimes addressing social issues puts terrible terms with the authorities, something Dada and Axe admit has been a significant challenge in their music career.

Upcoming Banger “City”

Just recently, Dada Harsh’s collaboration with his brother Axe was released by music giant GRM Daily. Dada confesses that City signals other artists in the industry that they have arrived and are there to take over with a storm. Together, they are determined to move miles and are hopeful that there are great things in the future.

In case you have any comments, or assistance connect to Dada Harsh here. You can also connect to Axe on Instagram. 

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