Meet Dennis Herrera: The Biotech Whiz Who’s Ready to Share His Investing Secrets with the World

At only 37 years old, Dennis Herrera, A.K.A. Mr. Biotech, has already made a name for himself in the field of biotech investing. Founder of NuDay Capital, Herrerra has helped some of America’s elite amass unprecedented success and is now ready to share what he knows with the world.

The Success Before the Success

Herrera was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY during the 80s, where Latin immigrant families like his, taught their children the value of hard work and determination. It was tough, but Dennis credits this upbringing for the success he is experiencing today. “My father was the first one to give me a shot in the entrepreneurial arena. I started washing cars at his auto body shop and I guess you can say I never looked back.” From there, the young Herrera invested in DJ equipment and opened his own entertainment company, Rockwell Productions, where he did quite well, forming partnerships with well-known catering halls, bars and nightclubs in and around New York City.  He loved what he was doing and was making great money doing it, but he knew he wanted more.

Wall Street: A Real Life Ride on the Cyclone

Never one to dilly dally, a 21 year old Herrera, quickly landed an internship at a brokerage firm and began learning the ins and outs of Wall Street. His first major gamble was on a little-known biotech company that at the time, was working on a drug we now know as Cialis. This investment was a success not only for Herrera but also for his clients whose confidence in the young Herrera paid off big time! But he quickly learned the downside to allowing emotions to get in the way of  investing. With a relatively little experience, like most young investors, after only a few years in the game, Herrera lost it all.

“Anyone who has ever ridden The Cyclone in Coney Island knows exactly what Wall Street is like. It’s an exciting ride, with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. But, you also expect to get knocked around a little bit, sometimes a lot a bit. But it’s all part of the ride.”

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Down but never out, a now 25 year old Herrera was building back up his business when he welcomed his son into the world; a great turning point in his life and career. The birth of his son was what ultimately gave Herrera the push to go harder than ever,  and within a few years, he was once again on top, creating top level sales teams in the biotech sector, drawing attention from executives and investors alike.  Capitalizing on this success, Herrera founded NuDay Capital.

Invest in Biotech and Invest in It Now

Here is Herrera’s message to everyone: invest in biotech and invest in it now. 

“The HIV pandemic of the 80s led to massive government funding and intervention which caused the great biotech era of the 80s. Covid19 is currently producing the same type of atmosphere again, with Operation Warp Speed research, development and distribution of a vaccine for Covid. There has never been a better time to invest.”

With over 2 decades in the game, Hererra, aka Mr. Biotech, is attuned to reading the writing on the walls, and with tens of billions of dollars currently being pumped into biotech, Herrera sees an opportunity for even those new to investing to get started and he wants to help. 

His book, The Biotech Game, along with its companion text, 10 Rules For Biotech Investing, is set to be released later this year. He hopes to help new investors reach great success while avoiding some of the pitfalls he made early on in his career.  

“I want to give back. The great thing about biotech is that you are also doing something good. Many of these drugs save lives, and without investors, many of these drugs would not come to market. I want to help others do something good in the world, and make some money in the process.” 

In addition to managing money for some of the most powerful people in America, Hererra sits on the board of Operation Warrior Shield, an organization providing necessary support to soldiers experiencing the effects of their service.  In his downtime, he loves traveling, competing in triathlons, and spending time with his son, his never-ending source of inspiration.

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