Meet Digital Nomad Vedant Chawla

Vedant Chawla is an entrepreneur who runs a Technology and Innovation Based Startup, Ownware Innovative Technology.It also provides some fantastic Digital marketing services. He is an Agra-based innovator who started his Technology company in 2011. After successfully being in the field for four years, he made a good reputation in the business.

He also went on different tours around the globe. And who doesn’t like traveling but his passion for traveling around the world bought him good ideas. Later he thought of being a travel guide for people while exploring the world himself. That made him start with a Travel company Known as Travel Easy Go back in early 2019. Like this, he became a multi-tasker who knows how to handle both his company independently.

However, the global pandemic of Covid 19 has made his travel business go down. He is still thriving towards the best opportunities by focusing on his digital marketing services.His startup serves expert services such as Website development, Graphic designing, Social Media Marketing, Web hosting, etc.; in these times, when the economy is at a low pace, businesses are going digitally. He is providing some skilled services with his past experiences. His interest from a very young age has made him successful in all these years.

While you wonder how he manages his other company, I would like to tell you that since the travel sector is closed these days. He’s sharing his experience of traveling to various countries through blogs. He has provided some helpful information about the places, and one can indeed read if they are touring there.

At the same time, during the pandemic, people were struggling to survive, but vedant was rapidly growing.

He has taken this pandemic as an opportunity to improve his services of both his companies. He plans some good travel packages for people in the upcoming future to explore more in the digital field. He has managed to take some benefits from these conditions. While facing different struggles personally, he still never doubted himself and focused on his work and growth.

Hence, if you are young and want to be successful, just follow your dream with dedication. You will get through difficulties and hurdles coming into your way.

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