Meet Farnaz Keshavarz is a young Iranian psychologist who specializes in treating children with Learning difficulties

Although she is only 26 years old (born on October 23, 1994), But From the undergraduate course, she has analyzed and reviewed the data obtained from various scientific projects in a specialized way with her statistical knowledge.

In her master’s degree, she linked this science to child psychology and using her psychometric expertise, worked professionally in the field of localization, standardization, implementation, and interpretation of Diagnostic Assessment.

In addition to treating adults with schema therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods, now in the field of children, she treats children with special educational needs and designs package of treatment in the field of Diagnostic Assessment for them (She has even cooperated with the Special Education Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in this field).

She is also active in the field of child protection and shares her knowledge with the audience through various media (newspapers and social networks) to raise the level of public knowledge.

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