Meet Hannah Brooke, The Creative Artist Causing A Musical Revolution

This is a musicians rise to fame

You have probably heard of global revolutions ever since the time of colonialism. But wait a moment! There is a new revolution taking shape in the music industry. It is coming like a storm. And guess what, Hannah Brooke is behind the steering wheel. 

‘Pull Up’

When word went round that Hannah would release her first single, everyone was eager to have a ‘taste’ of the release. Thousands of her followers all caused a stir online, waiting for that one hit ‘Pull Up.’ The impact will cause a revolution in the industry and change the whole narrative of what music has been. And this music is going to be available on Spotify and Apple Music for everyone to enjoy the lyrics and the excellent beats. 

Pull Up is something you have not heard about and you don’t want to miss. Why? Because it is going to quench every thirst that you have been having for years. 

About Hannah Brooke

Hannah Brooke is a brand of her own. She is a famous English folk singer. At 14, she was already passionate about starting her career. You could find her singing on reality TV shows such as X-Factor. At 17, she was already a coveted celebrity with a massive following.

Her career changed when she started plans of releasing her song “Pull Up.”

Besides singing, Hannah loves modeling. She has lots of fans on Tiktok and Instagram platforms. She also has a YouTube platform where she posts vlogs. Hannah is known for her beautiful looks and cute smile. 

Have Role Models

Did you know that as an artist, you need a role model? Hannah’s role models are SZA, Summer Walker, and Polo G. These role models have helped Hannah learn the characteristics required to succeed. She also has known ways to overcome her obstacles, so she never struggles to pursue her goals. Additionally, these models act as a source of inspiration to Hannah. She gets to learn from their mistakes, and in the process, she gets to become the best version of herself. 

Why Hannah Is Crushing It To Unimaginable Heights

Hannah’s net worth is estimated to be $5million. Her source of income is from folk singing and modeling. Her dedication, hard work, persistence, and patience have taken him to the great heights she celebrates today. 


Hannah is also interested in watching movies from the beginning. She also loves Basketball and photographing the modern look. Additionally, she loves traveling. It is worth noting that Sanders does not smoke at all. She neither likes dirt. Also, she does not drink alcohol. Her character is what keeps her gaining favor with her fans every day. 

Hannah also loves fashion and bikini modeling. She is also very caring about her hairstyle and health. Her fitness enthusiasm gives her more credit to kill it in the music industry. Besides, Hannah is a social media influencer. She loves parties too.


Written by Brxuch

Brauch Owens is an entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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