Meet Jalen Nelson: a 22 Year Old Businessman Making Waves in the Age of Digital Entrepreneurship

Jalen Nelson

When thinking of entrepreneurship, brick and mortar companies often come to mind; however, with the rise of the digital age and more opportunities emerging to earn an income online, entrepreneur Jalen Nelson has created his own business where gaining financial literacy in this digital age is made easy.

Jalen has capitalized on unconventional income-generating skills and says that earning from your phone is the future. He’s here to bring the masses with him on the road to the top that he’s paved with self-discipline and a diamond mindset.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Jalen grew up in the Austin area. Currently enrolled at Western Illinois College, Jalen is studying supply chain management and logistics and will be graduating in the Spring of 2022. Passionate about sports Jalen played college basketball but entrepreneurship was in his blood.

Growing up Jalen was surrounded by a business-oriented family and an unconventional mindset atypical of that of the average American household. Seeing his mother owning a candy shop business is what initially showed Jalen that there is a world of possibilities when it comes to being your own boss.

It was in 2017 that Jalen was introduced to the opportunity of network marketing and trading in the financial markets, which would ultimately give him his debut in the entrepreneurial world and the chance to create a lasting impact.

Jalen worked hard to create his own organization called Wealth Influencer Network (W.I.N.) that to date contains over 100 individuals all working towards a common goal of financial opportunity through learning and teaching income-generating skills.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Jalen says:

“The objective is to enrich, empower and educate as many people as possible and share the information needed to increase the financial literacy of our business partners. Through this business, people are given the mentorship they need to not just learn new skills, but to become more connected with themselves on a deeper level.

Your mindset is extremely important – when we grow, everything else around us ultimately grows. When you start to focus on enhancing your mindset, you can get closer to either finding or achieving your purpose”.

With the business acumen and leadership, only success in entrepreneurship can bring, Jalen is using his platform to educate the masses on new ways to earn. Understanding how difficult it can be to get access to the right tools and resources to create a different path for yourself outside of the traditional 9-5, Jalen’s goal is to bring this opportunity to as many people as possible.

When discussing the future of W.I.N. Jalen says:

“I want to create as many leaders and success stories as I can. I want to bring my team to the next level. Financial literacy isn’t something that we’re taught in school so this information needs to be available and accessible to everyone. Through this business, I want to give back, and that doesn’t only have to be financial.

Growing up I loved playing basketball so I want to create centers for kids to come and learn more about the game and train to go professional or to become a referee”.

Thriving in a people-oriented industry can be challenging when the essence of the business is in building strong and lasting relationships with associates from all over the world. Having had his own share of challenges when it comes to starting out in the entrepreneurial world, Jalen is more than qualified to lead his team to achieve their own personal and financial goals, starting with the development of their mindsets and leadership skills which Jalen says is critical to future success.

“As an only child, I was more isolated so it took me a while to really step out of myself and my comfort zone. On the west side of Chicago where I grew up, there’s a lot of gun violence and crime, there were times where I was bouncing around from house to house, sometimes going without electricity, gas, sometimes even water.

So going through life and trying to just stay up was challenging. I definitely wasn’t an outspoken person when I first started. In this business, you have to be able to lead people and create and foster a culture of positivity and growth. People are coming in with all different kinds of mindsets that they may have been in for a long time, so helping people develop themselves takes a lot of development personally as well.

Really the way I was able to overcome my challenges and become the leader I needed to be was just by acting and doing. Just keep going when things are hard and you feel like quitting. You always learn as you go and every day you are getting better than you were yesterday. The only way you’re not getting better is if you quit,” says Jalen.

No stranger to adversity, Jalen says the most pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial journey was in December of 2020 after an extremely trying year. Jalen’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and so he decided to attend college close to home. Jalen’s passion for basketball was sidetracked when he was unable to get a scholarship at the college he had chosen which ultimately began his entrepreneurial journey.

Following many personal, relationship, and business problems that left Jalen in a state of depression, he says that on December 16h of 2020 he looked himself in the mirror and decided to make a change. And that decision, followed by goal-setting and plans of action and execution is what has led Jalen to where he is today.

Having grown through hardship, gratitude is at the top of Jalen’s mind first thing in the morning and before he goes to bed at night. On a typical day, right after waking up at a very early hour, Jalen prays and then completes a workout to get his heart pumping for the day ahead, which is spent working on his business and connecting with his team.

As W.I.N. continues to flourish and Jalen continues to forge ahead with innovation and a grateful spirit, the world of digital entrepreneurship undoubtedly has a new powerhouse in its midst.

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