Meet Loveveer Singh Aka Pannu, The Person Who Arguably Laid The Foundation Of Photography

If hard work, consistency, dedication, and passion are perfectly executed, then a person can certainly achieve splendid success in his life, and that’s what Loveveer did. This young creative personality is a travel enthusiast from Punjab, who is passionate about photography and filmmaking, who focuses only on improving his craft and enhancing his expertise to fulfill his dreams. Upon spending 18 years of his life in a village in Punjab, he went to Australia for higher education. While studying there for some time, he discovered that the degree in Information Technology was not his cup of tea. He wanted to do something that was worthwhile which would interest him and ignite his passion. Photography and film-making were fields that always drew his interest and that’s what he decided to pursue. He says, “I think that internet is a perfect platform to elucidate your art because it has a good reach and make people even more impressive regarding your chore and presentation which is important for you to keep alive.”

He enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, exploring their history and culture, and building memories to store not only in his frame but also in his heart. His directing and filmmaking skills help him unravel the world’s beauty by capturing each and every moment that demonstrates life’s exceptional charm. While he has accomplished a great deal in such a short period of time, he still gets ahead every day and sets a precedent for the youth of our country with unceasing potential and ambition to touch the sky of achievement.

He is an inspiration for the young generation who are aspiring to enter the photography industry and his advice to them is, “Practice every day, I would definitely recommend taking up the 365 days project, even though it’s self-portraiture, you will learn how to direct and pose yourself which would eventually help you guiding your models or objects the right way and you will also get used to being on both sides of the camera.” that’s some educative piece of advice which stands true in every sense.

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