Meet Mandy Milano, a Sassy Model who is Ruling Over Social Media

Mandy Milano

The glamour world carries a lot of beautiful faces across the world as their beauty catches the eyes of everyone. Many terrific and classy models in the industry rule the hearts of their followers. They often trend and are praised on social media for their exotic looks and glamourous style.

Mandy Milano is one of the beautiful models who rules social media with her classy looks and style. The model who is born in Montréal, Canada of Italian descent originally held a desire for film making and production for which she spends most of her time writing scripts and working on film production in school. Further to gain more knowledge in the fraternity she pursued a Creative Arts degree in college.

It was her passion that drove her to Toronto, Canada, where she started to make connections that lead her towards her dreams. Her natural beauty and bubbly personality soon came into the limelight which gained the attention of modeling managers. With time, Mandy got featured in magazines and music videos. The diva became an overnight social media star after her photos and videos came on Instagram.

In just one year, her followers reached from 50000 to 500000 that gave her the name Sassy Mandy. After seeing the response of her followers on social media the model decided to indulge her followers with more of her sassy videos.

Looking at the storm of followers on social media, Mandy decided to turn her social media into a full-time career and moved to Miami for the same. Her efforts paid off when her pages touched the peak of 1 million followers.

Besides being extremely gorgeous the model is also very smart and intelligent. Unlike others the model believes in investing her money, she has good exposure to financial markets where she invests. The model craves to learn more and often tries to learn new things. Her favorite pastime to everyone’s surprise would be playing video games and watching documentaries of every kind of story.

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