Meet Mohammed Buhariwala a 16-year-old Entrepreneur and Growth Expert From UK

Mohammed Buhariwala

Digital media is evolving to become a powerful personal and business communication tool. In the recent past, social media and the conversations held on such platforms are mostly informative content and memes. Mohammed Buhariwala, a 16 year old from the United Kingdom, has been one of the early adopters in the social media growth and publicity business.

He has been successfully able to build an Empire for himself with the help of his digital marketing skills and social media growth services. He started creating memes for fun initially and eventually began monetizing his page and abilities. Furthermore, he has attracted many high ticket clients with his consistency and creativity, mainly including artists and celebrities.

He creates relatable and lucrative content, which has helped him at a very young age to build his Instagram Empire.

Who is Mohammed Buhariwala? 

Mohammed Buhariwala is a 16-year-old guy who is extremely passionate about social media growth and marketing. He kicked off his entrepreneurship journey when he was only 14 years old. He started his meme page as a joke. Gradually Mohammed got passionate about creating content and posting it online.

Getting crazy engagement and attention on his meme page, he started monetizing it. He uses his meme page for publicity and strongly believes in showing results and social media growth. Currently, he has a network of 1 million followers across Instagram. A handful of people at such a young age can achieve such success on Instagram.

His network of meme pages and content-driven pages are utilized for or accelerating the follower growth of his clients. 

He currently owns Scale It Up LLC, an advertising and marketing agency that provides full-fledged social media growth and marketing services. They guarantee growth with their cutting-edge strategies for their clients, customized as per their requirements. He started his entrepreneurial journey a couple of years back in school, where he was flipping electronics.

Mohamed has proven himself to be a hardworking kid with extraordinary skills, from flipping, creating content, and managing full-fledged celebrity campaigns.

His agency currently serves International clients, including music producers, rappers, beatmakers, and influencers. Turning his Instagram Empire into a legitimate and scalable business, he became financially free by the age of 16. He believes that such early success has given him the freedom to do anything at his own pace rather than being tied up in a 9 to 5 job. 

Creating music and art is different from starting a business. Mohammed’s vision is to help such creators and celebrities grow on social media while they focus on their craft. Serving many influencers and stars in the last 1.5 years, Mohammed has built a personal brand for himself and is now of big name among the social media growth agencies.

Currently, he is hiring exceptional talent for his agency and is on a mission to scale it as the UK’s one of the fastest-growing social growth agencies. Mohammed Buhariwala is a person with long-term goals. He is not only creating wealth but is also focused on creating a legacy.

To know more about Mohammed, follow – @rzko @scaleitupmedia

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