Meet Pratik Borate, One of the Youngest Production Expert Behind the Success of Ikfw

It is always amazing and entertaining to watch kids on the ramps during India Kids Fashion Weeks (IKFW). Their talent, confidence, enjoyment, fashion, and show-stopping are much more than expected from these little ones. Organizers and their production partners ensure during boot camps and runways that these kids come out with their best. In each season, the World’s largest kids show attracted over 2 lakh kids for the events in every city.

Back-end, boot camps, runways, photography, filming, and media support and activities are the most critical part of the fashion show. Being able to multitask and manage your workload and your resources during a very fast-paced week is the key to success. In this context, the organisers of IKFW- Craft world Events and Event Capital- entrusted Pratik Borate, Founder of Black Motion the responsibilities for Season 7, and at an International event in Dubai in 2019, his team proved their metal. With full back-end support, Pratik and his team efficiently managed boot camps, runways, photography, videography, editing and other related jobs.

Post Dubai event, Black Motion and Pratik became a trusted name for the Kids Fashion Weeks. And the organiser engaged them for all upcoming events as production and film partner. In the next season in 2021, Pratik single-handedly provided expertise and support related to production and media for the Boot Camps at the Fashion Weeks at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Unfortunately, the Mumbai event has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, however, Black Motion has been working relentlessly to make this show success even if it happens virtually. After Dubai, by supporting the Shows in the most critical areas in 10 cities, Pratik has not only earned the trust of the organisers but also enhanced the credibility of Black Motion in the Fashion industry.

“We were fortunate enough to be trusted by the organisers to provide all services related to production and media. We started for the first time with IKFW in 2019 and there is no looking back since then. We hope to add more value in the upcoming seasons and shows at many cities including Mumbai,” says Pratik Borate.

“The boot camp is a combination of catwalk training, photoshoots, and interviews. In the context of Kids Fashion Weeks, the role of production and filming is Multifold. Capturing kids’ mood, style, walk and other activities with perfection is indeed a tough task. We need to contribute to the general aesthetic and layout of the show while working in tandem with a production team. We also work closely with other stakeholders to relay the right narrative to the press. So meeting expectations and feelings of all is our prime goal,” he adds.

Pratik had established Black Motion in 2014 with the concept of media and film production. Over the years, the company expanded its operations as a full-fledged commercial company and provides services to some reputed PR & Marketing Companies, filmmakers with production and media-related works.

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