Meet Richard Corey, The Entrepreneur, Attorney, And Author Using The Universal Application Of Legal Reasoning To Win In Life

Richard Corey was born and raised in Florida. He attended law school at Nova Southeastern University College of Law and founded his law firm, Richard Corey Enterprise Law, the very day he passed the bar in 2012. He has since gone on to write a book, win cases all around the state of Florida, and develop a flourishing law firm. Long before he founded his firm, Corey has relied on the universal truths of legal reasoning to experience success and win in life.

Did you always dream of becoming an attorney?

No, in a way I stumbled upon my career as an attorney through my love of music. While I was an undergrad at the University of Central Florida, I met an aspiring rapper. He had exceptional talent and we teamed up to form a record label. Over the next few years, I worked tirelessly in both the recording studio and to get our artists booked at the hottest nightclubs in Florida.

I would negotiate deals with the club owners, that if I packed their club, I would receive a portion of the profit from that night and simultaneously get exposure for my artists. I realized I had a knack for negotiation, which was my inspiration for taking the LSAT. From there, I went on to obtain my law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

When did you officially found Richard Corey Enterprises?

I founded my firm the very day I received word that I’d passed the Florida bar. This was in September of 2012. Looking back, I was incredibly naive, I had no idea how to actually run a business, but I always stood by the notion that if you have the courage and strength to believe in yourself all things are possible when you have faith and you’re willing to put in the work. There is a gestation process for any endeavor but if you never give up on your dream it eventually becomes a reality.

What is your specialty?

I focus my practice on complex civil litigation, criminal defense, and general business law, but I also practice entertainment law, corporate, intellectual property, and some real estate law.

I’ve been fortunate to represent a lot of high net worth individuals, large corporations, celebrities and professional athletes. I think my background in entertainment gave me a great foundation to start from and from there I’ve taken a strategic and calculated approach to everything I do.

You’ve also written a book, how did that come about?

In my final year of law school I wrote a lengthy seminar paper that explored the relationship between the law and literature. I used Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem “Richard Cory” as the focal point so the name similarities made the topic very unique. My professor was so impressed he encouraged me to publish it. I reached out to a few publishing companies and they returned to me with a contract for a full book!

This wasn’t what I’d expected but I decided to go for it. The book is called “The Blueprint: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Vision.” The definition of a blueprint is a “detailed plan of action” and when using deductive logic to breakdown and understand the application of deductive logic combined with the principles of mathematics, the book uses universal truths broken down to their most fundamental level for purposes of instilling within the reader’s core belief system, an idea of infinite possibility.

The idea is to turn your subjective interpretation of the “American Dream” into a reality by engineering a strategic and structured plan of action for bridging the gap between where you are now in relation to your ultimate potential.

What are the universal truths for success?

There are many different beliefs, and I explore those in the book, but I personally believe that we can apply logic and mathematics to give us a competitive advantage in life. Everything is built upon fundamental elements.

If we can identify our desired outcome, we can reverse engineer this result, by acting out the fundamental actions necessary to get there. In other words, A + B = C. We have to figure out what C is and then develop a structure and strategy to achieve A and B.

Do you utilize this same belief in your legal practice?

Absolutely. I believe that my formula for winning both in life and in the courtroom is a combination of ambition, creativity, and innovation. When I rely upon these simple fundamentals, I’m able to strip it back to basics and get the best outcome for my clients. I don’t leave anything up to chance.

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