Meet Shameem Haider, Taking Over The World Of Business With His ‘haider Group Of Industries’.

He is a young talent who has also gained immense expertise in the world of crypto exchange and bitcoin.

There is a set of people who all their lives run behind only one aim and make every possible effort to achieve the same, while there is a set of others who believe in reaching excellence in everything they wish to touch and turn the same into gold for their career.

This very attitude has given the world innumerable talented beings, out of which a few have gone ahead in creating their unique niche and also have inspired the world in ways more than one. We came across one such high performing multipreneur named Shameem Haider, who has been astounding people with his multiple businesses and ventures under his empire ‘Haider Group of Industries’.

Haider Group of Industries has dived deep into multiple niches, giving Shameem Haider, the 26-year-old versatile entrepreneur, the success he truly deserves. It is growing each day, as the empire makes sure to step into all those industries that can make a difference to the world and contribute to the modern-day business space.

Speaking proudly about Haider Group of Industries, Shameem Haider says that it consists of three robust companies. First is ‘Amtech Solutions, which is a web and app designing/development firm in India, providing clients with the world’s best solutions and services to take them to the next level digitally.

Second is ‘Intercontinental PR Consultants’, which is thriving as a firm, consulting and managing work for corporates in the UAE. And, the third is HDB CO. LTD, which is raring to disrupt the niches of Aviation, Blockchain, Automatic Intelligence, Export Import in incredible ways in Laos.

Shameem Haider, however, says that HDB CO. LTD is still under process, but its capital investment value is 5 Million (5,000,000.00) USD. Many eyes are on this new venture as people in the business world have already experienced the magic Haider Group of Industries have created and continues to create with its previous companies.

Shameem Haider always believed in the power of bitcoin and, even as a youngster, has a huge contribution, working for crypto exchange by starting it for the investors, with the genuine intention to provide accurate and useful information and guidance to them for them to understand its true value and power.

It is great to notice the astronomical rise of Haider Group of Industries and we can’t wait to notice how it further rises high in the world of business in the upcoming years.

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