Meet Shivam Phutela: Unleashing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship With Desert Raja

Shivam Phutela, a 24-year-old young entrepreneur who hails from Haryana has given his life an incredible turn by handling the chair of the CEO of Desert Raja, where he manages the fast-growing desert safari company in Dubai, handles ambidextrous demands from clients, and operates the complete on-going process.

Since Childhood Shivam is dazzled by the tour and travel industry and claims to be a big-picture sage. His can-do attitude and lust for real success are the main reasons to drive him from the small city of Haryana to Dubai.

As Shivam Phutela was born and brought up in Holy Place Panipat, which was the neighbor of the pious place of Dharmnagri Kurukshetra, where he discovered the potential of overwhelming tourism in the coming future. He was much fascinated by how culture entices the travel and tourism industry. While speaking to that foreign traveler, he accomplished there is a wide world that just wants to travel lavishly. It was the footing of his Dream venture – Desert Raja.

Shivam dropped his studies after completing his 12th Studies as he was not satisfied with the policies of the Indian Education system. Since his school days, he started reading travel blogs and wondering how to get into the business Tourism industry. He was even offered worthwhile job opportunities by many Marketing Agencies but he was looking for the magic to arise. He had a strong desire to create, learn and explore, so he let himself unwind and rekindle with prodigious people across the country and also abroad.

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