Meet Taja Flood: A 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Making Dollars by Making a Difference

Taja Flood

For entrepreneur and mindset coach Taja Flood, an abundant life encompasses not only monetary security but the ability to give others the opportunity to find themselves in a better position financially, spiritually, and mentally.

Taja has created her own business focused on providing educational tools to increase financial literacy while instilling in the masses the importance of making a positive impact through entrepreneurship.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, and raised in Greensboro North Carolina, Taja’s first employment was at Greensboro’s wet and wild park. Taja attended North Carolina A&T State University, attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Upon graduating from university, Taja could not find work in her field, a challenge most college grads face. Hence, she started bartending at Hooters in the interim while searching for employment in the fashion industry.

Taja’s plans were again placed on hold when the beginning of the global pandemic in March of 2020 prevented her from continuing to work. With her innate creative and problem-solving capabilities, Taja looked elsewhere for income. She was previously introduced to the opportunity of network marketing and investing and now saw the value in the ability to be her own boss while utilizing the platform to make a difference financially in the lives of thousands during a time where job insecurity is highly prevalent.

Selling some clothes and shoes online to fund the launch of her business, Taja dove right in and created her own organization called MMADE, which stands for Making Money and Difference Everyday.

When discussing the concept behind her business, Taja says:

“The logo for MMADE is a crown because the origin of my name means a crown, and I also view men and women as kings and queens. The acronym is making money and a difference every day because that is what I want my team and each of my leaders to be focused on. It’s not only about making money; it’s also about our personal goals, which is to impact as many individual lives as possible with this opportunity.”

To date, MMADE contains over 120 like-minded individuals working towards attaining financial security and committed to improving and growing as individuals daily, all while making an impact by sharing the education needed to increase financial literacy. Taja strives to promote a culture of inclusivity and positivity amongst her team.

“The beautiful thing about the business is the fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to get what they want out of life, regardless of their race, background, or specific qualifications. Maybe they did something in their past that wasn’t the smartest – they can still do what they truly want to do. MMADE provides an opportunity for people to learn financial literacy, something that we haven’t been taught growing up, and also attain a skill that can produce income and not be taken away, kind of like my job when the pandemic started” says Taja.

Taja understands the societal pressures individuals face to blend in with the crowd and the courage required to do what you love and be who you are regardless of the opinions of others. Growing up, Taja was bullied because of the things she enjoyed, namely sports, but instead of backing down, she joined the team and excelled, demonstrating that the most important opinion when it comes to your life choices is your own. Taja works hard to instill confidence and strong leadership capabilities in her team to ensure that they, too, are fearless in going after what they want.

It’s her trust in God and her focus on personal development that has helped Taja overcome obstacles in building her business, and as Taja says, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ so a commitment to bettering yourself daily is critical for the growth of your business and yourself.

When discussing how she imparts the ideals of belief in self to her team through leadership and mentorship, Taja says:

“I want to create as much for others as I can and instill in them the confidence to be who they are and become their ideal self. Taking the time out to develop your leaders and help them create a plan to determine precisely what they want and how they can achieve that is crucial. Getting people to believe in themselves can be challenging. I care about individuals so much, and I want to motivate them to really push through and have faith regardless of what their current reality looks like.

It hurts to see people quit on themselves, so to help with this obstacle, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the millionaire mentorship available through the business. We have access to so many individuals who can pour into us and walk us through how to deal with specific things or challenges because they’ve been through it themselves.”

Taja says that her grandfather is a huge source of inspiration and motivation in her day-to-day life that has helped her take MMADE to the heights of success and continued growth she has achieved.

“When my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia, watching his memory and his ability to do day-to-day activities go away, it kind of struck something in me. Seeing him fight every single day made me want to fight even harder because if he can go through something like this, then I can overcome anything” says Taja.

Taja is leading by example in the realm of making an income by making an impact, and as MMADE continues to grow, more and more confident leaders and entrepreneurs emerge, paving the way for a future of entrepreneurship where making a difference matters just as much as making a dollar.

In closing, we leave Taja’s best advice for the aspiring entrepreneur:

“Give what you can’t control over to God.”
“Keep your why at the forefront of everything that you do to ensure you are moving with intention, don’t put it on the back burner.”
“Focus on your mental hygiene – people take more care of their teeth than they do their mind.”
“Push to prove yourself right rather than to prove others wrong.”
“The reason why you started is the reason why you should finish.”

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