Meet The 19 Year Old Jack Of All Trades- Prathap David Sandai; An Entrepreneur, Stock Trader, Medical Student And More

Not a lot of 19 year olds know what they want to do in life, it’s the age where they start to explore things and discover opportunities but there are some who are clear in their minds and have an early headstart. Prathap David Sandai is one such individual, he is a medical student but simultaneously he works in stock trading and is also a businessman, running multiple businesses.

At just 12, Prathap entered the world of business and e-commerce and was particularly fond of following ‘online gurus’. Like many others, even he got sucked into the trap of schemes that these so-called gurus would preach but since he was just a child, he didn’t have the money to pay for the courses and it led to a tremendous change in his life from that point on because he had developed a keen interest in the digital world and wanted to explore more of it.

Eventually, Prathap branched out into different e-commerce platforms like MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Forex, options, dropshipping and a lot more.

By the time he was fifteen, Prathap started his own brand called SAIMA didn’t take off as he expected but even then it taught him the importance of things like workflow, management, leadership, economics, accounts and finance.

The failure of SAIMA also led him to work harder and his fifth coming, Black Wolf Clothing became the path of his success. Not just that, Prathap is also a partner and Isarb sdn Bhd which is a clothing company.

Talking about his experience, Prathap shares, “Working with so many businesses, influencers and entrepreneurs (some of the largest in the country) I never stopped learning new things which helped me improve further. It got to a point where I was earning 25-30 thousand a month and didn’t know how to spend it. Eventually, I started learning about how to manage my money, I learnt stock trading and investing.”

But creating one brand wasn’t enough for Prathap, he wanted to do more so he started another finance company called Harrapan Ltd. which is an equity holding company that offers more to the people and has seen an astounding ROI of 135% in this year alone.

Prathap has big goals for himself, he aims to be a billionaire by the time he turns 30 years old. His immediate goal was to reach the million dollar mark by the time he turned 20. In the month of August 2020 alone, Prathap saw a massive profit increase of over 201k.

Further talking about his future goals, Prathap shared, “I expect for Harappan to have a minimum average of 30% ROI compounding yearly for the next 5-10 years.”

He continues, “My goal in life is to change the world and Harappan LTD is a stepping stone towards gaining the resources to do so. Once we have sufficient funds I plan to invest in development towards clean energy, water and agriculture. I believe innovations in these areas will ultimately disrupt current norms and is capable of making our planet a better place.”

For someone who is merely 19, Prathap has achieved more than most people do in their lifetimes and needless to say, it’s just the beginning.

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