Meet the Coach That Is Shining A Light On The Dark Secret Of Coaching

Motivational speaker and life mastery coach Daniel Diaz has made it his life’s purpose to transform the lives of millions by helping them to regain their power and live a life of limitless possibilities. Once trapped by a vicious cycle of addiction, bad habits, poor relationships, and toxic environments, Daniel discovered personal development and transformed his life and business.

Going from living a busy, painful, lonely, empty life, to shattering a shallow belief of what was possible, Daniel uses his own experiences to deliver powerful, inspiring messages that catapult his audience into peak performance, self-love, and a champion’s mindset.

By focusing the lessons he’s learnt on peak performance, mindset, and habit reform, Daniel has also created a range of programs to aid entrepreneurs and purpose driven individuals achieve fulfilment. Not all coaches out there however, have put in the work required to effectively aid others.  Below Daniel outlines the dark secret of coaching.

Here is the ugly truth that will probably not make me many friends. There is an abundant number of coaches out there that are ‘guiding’ others and have not yet done the work on themselves that is needed to help their clients gain maximum results. There is a lack of integrity throughout their teachings. They do not follow their own protocols.

I call these people, Hollow Coaches. I see it all the time. Fitness coaches that speak about nutrition but haven’t eaten a vegetable in 3 years, and it shows. Performance coaches that tell you they have the secrets to unlocking your highest potential and they have yet to push any limitations in their own life. Relationship coaches that cheat on their partners.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has the right to suffer and grow through their pain. And in no way do I expect every coach out there to be a shining image of their message at all times without fail. We ALL experience pain and suffering in our lives in some form or another. And as coaches, it is on us to uphold our integrity to this work and grow through whatever obstacles we encounter so that we can also impact more lives in the process.

What I am speaking towards and what I see as a huge problem in our industry is that people are hiding behind their social media identities, creating imagery that excites and intrigues, and all the while they are living a totally opposite life in the background. I see coaches and influencers that are afraid to be vulnerable and share their pain due to a fear of losing credibility. They keep their pain hidden and close out opportunities to heal and grow.

 It is EASY to get an accreditation from a life coaching school. If you are looking for your next coach, I invite you to look for someone that teaches through example and experience. Look for someone that has lived through what you are going through and can truly relate to the emotions you are experiencing.

I see business coaches giving advice on how to scale your business while they are living paycheck to paycheck. Call me crazy, but I do not want advice on how to increase my performance from someone that does not implement what they teach into their own life.

Coaching is one of the most intimate and powerful experiences we can have in our life, when it is done properly. I have seen coaches lead their clients into the pain of their current situation without having the knowledge or practice to pull them out. There are sticky situations I have seen coaches get their clients into because they are not trained on how to ask questions that lead YOU, the client, on a path to your highest self, not their vision of who you should be.

And please, know that I have so much respect for this business and the abundance of powerful coaches out there holding space for people, helping them unleash their highest self. Just keep your eyes open for the ones that are not representing their brand through their own personal actions.

So how do you avoid these Hollow Coaches within our industry? Do your research. Follow the people that excite you and watch how they show up in this world. Be patient in finding a coach/mentor that emulates the values, actions, and beliefs you wish to experience in your own life. The perfect coach is out there for you, and you deserve that support.

To learn more about Daniel and his incredible work, visit his website here & connect with him on Instagram.

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