Meet the Company Behind Crowdfunding’s Most Successful Campaigns

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The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) that gave a lease of life to the popular fundraising technique known as crowdfunding has eased regulations on traditional and ‘old world’ methods related to funding small businesses. It also birthed all shades of crowdfunding platforms, and this is why Crowdcreate has set out to ensure that you can sift from the pack.

A crowdfunding accelerator should enhance brands that have a fully developed prototype to embark on a successful crowdfunded campaign. Crowdcreate, as a growth marketing service provider, has helped some of the world’s largest companies and fast-growing startups accelerate their growth and raise funds.

  • They did 3 of Anker’s most successful Kickstarter campaigns that raised 5M USD. Anker is Amazon’s largest electronics seller doing revenues over 1bn USD.
  • They helped Nui Cookies with their first Kickstarter campaign. The food craze company was featured on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank.
  • They helped Asia’s fastest selling token sale, Bezant, raise 18M USD in just 2 hours, by building their community from.

Eric Youn, Community Manager of Bezant says: “We could not have met our 17 million Hardcap and sold out our 4 million Bonus round without Crowdcreate. They helped us when FUD and spam were getting the best of our Telegram room. They also advised me during peak panic hours.”

Crowdfunding is one of the ways to fund your next startup. It increases brands’ visibility and ensures that you follow best practices and tap into years of experience.

One of the most important sources of depleting any company’s financial base is carrying out marketing campaigns. However, using a crowdfunding platform to raise funds is an amazingly effective low-cost way to spread the word. Specifically, when it comes to paid advertising such as Facebook and Google, most brands tend to have low-yielding or money-losing campaigns because they aren’t targeting the right look that audiences that crowdfunding agencies have built up and know that convert.

When a crowdfunding campaign is funded relatively quickly, it astoundingly broadcasts the message that the startup has come on board and is one to watch out for. This goes a long way to increase the brand’s visibility and helps to attract additional investors for subsequent funding.

It can be very tasking, but that is what separates the novices from the experts as far as crowdfunding is concerned. This could be the reason Crowdcreate Co-Founder Ivan Kan said, “Getting a product from development stages to becoming a well-known project is still very challenging. There’s still a lot of projects that go up there — a lot of it gets lost in the noise. Our specialty is to craft a story and make it viral.”

While everybody can craft a story, the most important thing is crafting a story that resonates with the crowd, and this is exactly how Crowdcreate drives more growth than campaigners would have done on their own.

Community Management

Crowdcreate is also comprised of a global team of passionate thought leaders and moderators that provide 365/24/7 support across all major languages and can effectively grow your community. Every investor, when evaluating a crowdfunding project, looks at the size of their community and engagement.

They aim at stopping spam, getting community members engaged, and providing immediate responses to your team. Fast responses are reflections of how committed a team is to their project.

Lendingblock sold out $10 million in 3 days, and Linda Wang, Co-Founder & COO of Lendingblock, has this to say: “With Crowdcreate, our telegram room has already grown 100X within 2 months and their team of experts understands our product extremely well. Already, their team has proven their knowledge in both marketing and lending across all of the community channels.”

A problem startup founders should circumvent is answering the Telegram questions by themselves or even having an in-house community manager with a background in social media like Facebook to do so. This isn’t time well spent by probably the most important people in the organization.

These people are just not skilled or talented enough to respond effectively to thousands of messages on Telegram that have to do with technical white papers. Crowdcreate is an elite team of the best community managers in the world.

They hire and recruit the most knowledgeable and passionate crypto enthusiasts in all major time zones and hold them to a 365/24/7 schedule. Their around-the-clock schedule is so that you and your startup team can sleep.

Crowdfunding Influencers

To ensure that a brand executes a successful crowdfunded campaign, Crowdcreate operates one of the largest networks of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter influencers; over 2.3 billion views across all of their channels with over 4.3 million subscribers. This is influencer marketing at scale and gives brands the opportunity to leverage social influencers organically.

They understand algorithm virality and utilize this to get brands to the top of the crowdfunding charts. Research shows that 81% of investors turn to social signals such as influencers, buzz, and community management to make decisions while 74% of average investors trust social media influencers to inform them on good projects.

With Crowdcreate, you’ll be able to unlock new audiences and build credibility for your crowdfunding. What a lot of startup founders do is to try to engage influencers on their own, but find to their detriment that this is not as effective as working with a crowdfunding influencer network.

They have pre-existing relationships and negotiated rates for top tier influencers. They’re faster, more efficient, and cost less than trying to do it on your own as well as having been a pioneer in building communities of investors, influencers. Questions founders often ask are: How much should I pay this influencer? And will their audience convert to purchase my product? Crowdcreate works with thousands of influencers and knows this valuable data, and they also work with each influencer to create evergreen, high-quality content that ranks through SEO. This includes advising influencers to use the proper post title, hashtags, description, and educational content.

Public Relations

The message must be heard to be effective, and only an accelerator with the right connections can make this happen. Crowdcreate has access to press and media writers across outlets and publications and attends hundreds of crypto conferences and local meetups around the world.

Getting your crowdfunding featured through top tier PR media outlets brings credibility to your project. Crowdcreate is a top-ranked global ICO marketing agency. Over $100 million crowdfunded across 40+ campaigns.

The case has been made for Crowdcreate, and that’s why the world’s largest companies rely on them to raise more investor funds and the growth of their online community. They’re experienced growth marketing experts and have the case studies to prove it.

Reputation is the basis for your performance and acceptance, and strategic pitching is highly instrumental in building a brand name. Crowdcreate has a team of experts that is very knowledgeable about building, protecting, and strengthening an organization’s brand name.

Kan summed up the company’s reputation on public relations by saying, “We amplify your message by reaching out to hundreds of writers on your behalf, and can even seed out your existing PR features to thousands of websites. PR features can sometimes be short-lived and a temporary spike in traffic. We’ve developed evergreen content marketing strategies that also get your crowdfunding organically ranking through Google SEO.”

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