Meet The Empowermenteur: Montrece Ransom, JD, MPH, ACC

Successful people empower themselves to get what they want in life. They build their empowerment muscle and manifest their desires. They affirm themselves with positivity and attract more positivity into their lives. They choose to stand in choice. They choose to live a more empowered life.

Coaching as a Tool for Success

Montrece Ransom, JD, MPH, ACC is an ICF Certified Professional Coach, DEI Certified Belonging Strategist, public speaker, author, and podcaster.

After over 20 years as an award-winning public health law and policy expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Montrece Ransom realized her true passion was coaching and empowering women. In 2020, she earned her Coaching Certificate in Executive & Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and started The Empowermenteur.

“My coaching style is focused on helping my clients build their empowerment muscle and recognize that anywhere they are called or aspire to be, they belong. I have coached and mentored hundreds of high achieving women and men.

What I’ve come to learn is this is no matter how many degrees we earn, businesses we start, or awards won; ​high achieving women and men still suffer from a ​lack of clarity, self-love, belonging, and continue to get stuck in their self-limiting beliefs.”

Montrece has acquired a unique skillset that enables her to help people remove those limiting beliefs and achieve their true potential. “I am unique because I focus my practice on giving my clients the tools they need to be empowered to be their authentic selves, and improve their sense of belonging.”

The Empowermenteur Coaching & Consulting Group

The Empowermenteur offers individual coaching, group coaching, and career coaching for recent graduate/professional students and individuals who want to make a career pivot. She also coaches new and emerging coaches. She partners with individuals and companies in thought-provoking, creative processes that inspire her clients to maximize their full potential.

How can I work with Montrece?

If you are ready to unleash your full potential, stop thinking small, and strut into your purpose like a boss, visit  The Empowermenteur for a full list of Montrece’s coaching services and programs.

If you’d like to build your own coaching practice, check out Montrece’s signature program: S.T.R.U.T.™ into Coaching, a hands-on program that helps individuals build a thriving coaching or consulting practice in just 90 days.

Also be sure to tune in to the debut podcast episode of The Empowerment L.A.B. to learn the three tips to live an empowered life. You can also listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify or where ever you listen to podcasts. You can also connect with Montrece on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram @MontreceSpeaks.

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