Meet The Influencer Advocating For Body Diversity Through Self-Love

If you’re anything like us, then by now you’re probably sick and tired of the number of online influencers and digital health gurus who pitch weight loss solutions. We get it. Not everyone’s health journey or dietary restrictions can fit into a “one-size-fits-all” (pun fully intended) nutrition package or fitness regiment, and that’s if you’re even lucky enough to find the time to dedicate to these specialized deals.

In today’s world, weight loss is far from the primary aspect drawing millions of people towards starting their journey of improving their health. Rather than focusing solely on their current or goal weight, many people are simply looking to improve their physical health for the sake of their mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health, with the ultimate goal of improving their own self-love.

This goal is one thankfully shared by many body-positive online influencers and health advocates, including Laura Winkless. Winkless is the self-described “plus-sized mamma and wife” influencer behind The Seasonal Curves: Plus Sized Curvy Life brand on Instagram, who utilizes her platform less as one for advocating weight loss solely for the sake of weight loss and more for the enrichment that finding self-love can bring to those on their journeys towards improving themselves to become the best version of themselves they wish to see.

“I am a major advocate for body positivity through recognizing body diversity,” says Laura. “Size equality is one aspect of the health and fitness industry that I’ve seen lagging, especially in the realm of online health advocacy.”

Laura’s message isn’t one meant simply for show, either. Aside from her Instagram page where she conducts the brunt of her online activity as an influencer, she also allows her advocacy for size equality and diverse body positivity to carry over into her side hustle as a digital designer.

Her creator page on Redbubble offers dozens of her unique designs – each with her own diverse brand messaging – on merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, and even face masks and duvet covers available for purchase. The designs she creates can also be viewed through her secondary Instagram account, @petitepechedesigns.

Like many other online influencers, Laura only began her advocacy career relatively recently, diving headfirst into spreading her message of size equality and body positivity last year in 2020. Prior to starting her career as an influencer, Laura worked as a Logistics Administrator – a position she still holds – after spending 5 years between 2014 and 2019 as a stay-at-home mother to her two daughters. She has also been married for nearly 9 years.

“I want to help show other people that their mental health is just as important as their physical health, if not even more important,” Laura says.

Being a mother is hard. Being a working mother or stay-at-home mom is hard. But being able to love yourself for who you are shouldn’t be hard, but so many women and people still struggle with loving themselves because of what society tells them to feel about themselves and their bodies.

Since becoming an online influencer, Laura has helped utilize her platform as one for advocating self-love. Though she has only operated as an influencer for a little more than a year, her primary Instagram account’s 30,000+ followers are testament to the importance of her advocacy and messaging in helping others love themselves and their bodies for who and what they are.

To learn more about Laura’s advocacy work, find and follow her on Instagram under the accounts @theseasonalcurves and @petitepechedesigns.

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