Meet the Photographer who is Also an Entrepreneur- Koushik Sengupta

Koushik is a well-known photographer in his city with a loyal following over social media as well

A photograph speaks a thousand words! So does the work of Koushik Sengupta, a successful entrepreneur and an equally accomplished photographer with the ‘eye’ for detail. Ever since he embarked upon photography in 2017, as a diversion from his daily routine, he has been hooked to it, using every given opportunity to click and save the image for posterity! And his work is jaw-dropping!

Koushik was on a trip to Dubai in 2017 when he began to take photography as more than just a pastime. Ever since then, he has been in love with the camera. The fact that the pictures from that trip, which he shared on social media, came out really good, lit in him a spark for this vocation.

Koushik looks after a business of spare & motor parts of engines and gears used for ships and fishing trawlers and has been responsible for the phenomenal growth in the fortunes of his family. Although he is qualified for his entrepreneurial role, armed with an MBA degree, it is his exemplary skills with camera that turn heads wherever he goes. His photographs have that little extra in them, which puts him a notch above other photographers, whether full-time or not.

His Instagram handle, @nosleepteam24, has more than 75k followers who admire his work and excellence of art. Speaking of social media, Koushik is an enthusiast who believes that it is a great medium to showcase your talent and connect with like-minded people. Photography gives him that chance to make the connect across barriers of age, geography and time. He likes to give a lot of giveaways to his audience, especially on Instagram as he believes this is a good way to keep himself engaged with the medium and its users.

Koushik believes that “where words stop, pictures talk through the language of photography.” And in doing so, his first love remains his home-city, Kolkata, that giant among the world’s prominent historic cities, known for their heritage. Koushik loves to travel to various parts of Kolkata, walk down its historic streets and capture a moment, here and there. But he also loves traveling, for which he works hard to take out time now & then.

Today, Koushik is a well-known photographer in his city with a loyal following over social media as well. He uses latest technology, most of which he has self-taught himself, with utmost ease to capture golden moments around him. Through his photographs, he hopes to inform and educate audiences about the world they don’t see clearly enough!





Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.