Meet Todd Jarvis, Arizona’s Leading Attorney For Business Owners and Their Families

Todd Jarvis is the principal attorney and founder of Strategic Legal Works. With a unique background in biology and tech, his expertise has proved invaluable for the hundred and families and business owners he’s served over the last decade.

How did you get involved in business law?
TJ: While attending Brigham Young University working on my degree in bioinformatics, I worked with a Fortune 500 company. I was able to spearhead a few new and dynamic projects and innovations and I realized my passion for entrepreneurship.

I decided that I’d continue my education to obtain my law degree and continue my technological education so I could better serve, communicate with and understand the tech and biology companies I hoped to work with. After I graduated with my law degree and master’s of science in genetics, I founded Strategic Legal Works, also known simply as Jarvis, in Southern Arizona.

What kind of services do you provide businesses?
TJ: I provide complete business, estate, and asset protection services. I take a holistic approach to my role. In the past, I provided one-off services, but after a life-altering event, I pivoted my business to provide my clients with ongoing, strategic support that is both holistic and future-oriented.

What caused you to change the way you approach client’s needs?
TJ: I was only a few weeks into my practice when two of my young sons became suddenly ill. After a visit to the emergency room and a week in the hospital, we learned they both had type 1 diabetes. I began to consider the repercussions if it had been myself or my wife who had gotten sick. I realized we didn’t have the tools in place to prepare for such an event and I began to think about my client’s preparedness as well.

I completely changed the way I practiced law. Now instead of just providing legal advice and drawing up contracts, I offer full-service strategic partnership, and I continuously work to ensure that they are protected regardless of life’s circumstances.

What does being a strategic partner entail?
TJ: I am involved in every aspect of their business, from their finances to their marketing strategy and ensuring measures are in place to protect their family’s future. On the financial side, I work with them to make sure they understand their finances and can create a financial forecast.

Marketing is also important because clients need to understand where their next client is coming from and that their marketing practices are legally sound. At the end of the day, family is my priority. I provide asset protection, legacy planning, estate planning, trusts, wills, advanced directions, kid protection planning, and more to guarantee that my clients and their families are prepared to weather the storms of life.

To learn more about Todd Jarvis and his family business legal practice, visit, call 520-333-5123, or email

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