Meet Valiant Cricket Team’s Salman Pathan Who Also Captain of Ahmedabad Fighters

Salman Pathan speaks about the impact of Valiant Cricket team on his life: Valiant Cricket Team’s Salman Pathan is slowly becoming a name to reckon with in and around Gujarat Cricket circle. He turned up for Valiant A in 2019 and was part of the champion team that clinched the title in Pokhara, Nepal back in 2019.

Salman has said that when the Valiant Cricket team was structured in 2011, players could not even dream of being celebrities, but such has been the reach and traction of the league, that the players have become rather well known in the cricketing fraternity.
“I played for Ahmedabad Fighters in the Valiant Premier League me Ahmedabad Fighters and this is how people got to know about me. People used to recognize me by my batting and when I toured other cricket clubs, there was a sense of anticipation ahead of my batting. I have also managed to get a lot of brand endorsements. I cannot even begin to state the massive impact of Vipul Narigara, who has always been a pillar of support for me. He treated me like a brother and always was there to guide me at all times”, Salman said.
He is also the captain of Ahmedabad Fighters is an Indian franchise cricket team supporting Ahmedabad, Gujarat which plays in the Valiant Premier League (VPL). Founded in 2016. & The team tagline is “Ame Amdavaadi” , which will be one of the teams to take part in the VPL,
Valiant Premier League (VPL) is a 20 overs league. The league was founded by the Valiant Cricket in 2012. One of the most popular leagues in Gujarat, VPL sees the participation of five teams, Each team plays one other, there are four matches and the top two teams clash in the finals. The other sides in the competition include Rajpipla Kings, Bhopal Titans, Mumbai Horses and Surat Warriors.
Owing to the Covid pandemic, the Valiant Premier League has had to be postponed in the last two seasons and there will be a wait and watch approach to the future of the Valiant Premier League this season even as the country has been ravaged by the second wave of the pandemic.

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