Meet Vishal Choudhary, a Renowned Digital Marketing Expert and Creator of 40 Million Traffic

In today’s competitive world, reaching millions of customers is not that simple. You need a well-planned digital marketing campaign with influencers to promote the brand. Working on these facts is one such adept social media marketer- Vishal Choudhary, who at the age of 23 has helped various businesses in achieving great heights.

Hailing from Kishanganj, a small town in Bihar, Vishal had big dreams and so he started with his own company SBG Digital Inc. when he was 22.

The entrepreneurial journey of Vishal Choudhary began when he was just 19 years old. Generally at this age youth either focus on higher studies or think about which university to choose. However, Vishal had bigger plans for which he was working day and night.

Success from Setbacks

To learn about the insights of the digital marketing industry, Vishal Choudhary started as a freelancer. He was unaware of the latest trends in the market and the technological aspects. Initially, he faced some arduous situations.

There was a time when he was doing a job of 2000 Rs because his economical conditions were bad. But with his willpower and passion, he overcomes all the hurdles.

Interestingly, although Vishal Choudhary, like other entrepreneurs, had seen various ups and downs in life, he never lost hope. One such incident happened in April 2019. During that time, due to unprecedented reasons, his vast social media traffic got deleted and Vishal had to bear the loss of 50 lakhs. It affected his reputation and clientele.

Post this event, Vishal had become depressed and disheartened. However, his elder brother backed his capabilities. He gave Vishal motivation to restart his career in social media marketing. It was a great turning point in his life.

Today, Vishal Choudhary is providing digital marketing services to global clients who are reaping the benefits of his effective strategies. The most commendable achievement of Vishal is that he built over 40 million site traffic on Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from that, he is managing social media pages of politicians, rising celebrities, and influencers who are overwhelmed by his services. At the age of 23, Vishal is earning more than the other teenagers of his age. This is truly inspiring for the current generation who have high aspirations.

Vishal Choudhary believes that a satisfied client makes a business successful and so he continuously works towards giving the best possible solutions to the people. After spending around 7 years in the industry, Vishal understands the hurdles in marketing through digital platforms and so he wishes to create positive changes through his skills and expertise.

Those who are inclined towards the digital marketing profession can take the example of Vishal Choudhary. There is a lot to learn from him.

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