Meet Web3’s Favorite Comedian: Kevin Sonei (Kmoney_69)

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With the side-splitting content Kevin Sonei (Kmoney_69) puts out, it’s no surprise he has a history in standup comedy and still does occasional open mics in LA. 

As a kid Kevin loved watching films, reading, and writing. He always had the feeling he wanted to be in entertainment and created short stories and developed characters to start honing his skills. His first YouTube video was around 18, and the process made him realize he not only liked being in front of the camera, but enjoyed the production from A to Z.  

Kevin learned as much as he could about filmmaking and developed a career producing documentaries and music videos. During Covid, his talents were directed toward commercials which he was able to easily produce in his own studio handling the script, filming, and editing on his own.  Kevin’s TikTok and Instagram, previously a side project, had also started to gain traction during that time and he began shifting focus. 

In December of 2020, Kevin started to make gains in crypto and within about a month he stopped taking on new clients and went into degen activities and content creation full time. His TikTok channel grew to 400k followers and his crypto investments started to become a primary focus. When Kevin discovered NFTs everything clicked. “It felt like scratching that itch of lucrative financial volatility that crypto has to offer, but there’s actually a community,” he said. 

NFT Now was a brand that impressed Kevin with their status and quality of work. He attended Art Basil to see how they operate and he was blown away. The leadership, quality of the panels, the curated content and conversations, gave him the impression of an actual professional media company in the Web3 space and he knew they would take it to the next level. The team boasted Matt Medved who created Billboard Dance and Alejandro who helped build Elite Daily. After Kevin was hired they brought on Evan Newman, an award winning producer. “I just knew right away they’re really going to reshape just the feeling of what content would look like in Web3,” Kevin said. 

For now, he is creating a lot more social content for NFT Now, but by the end of this year his goal is to help them create and develop an original comedy series. With Evan Newman on board, there will also be amazing commercial quality documentaries about the space to watch out for. 

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