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Merian Odesho is the Founder and Formulator of Bounce Curl. Bounce Curl has gained a large stand in the haircare market, especially for curly, wavy and coily hair types. It entered the marketplace with the launch of its first product, Bounce Curl Light Hold Gel. Two years later, a line of shampoos and conditioners were released, with the unique features that they are designed for specific hair types.

Her grandmother played an important role in developing Merian’s haircare routines and she has been Merian’s inspiration for Bounce Curl as a whole. She would mix up special formulas using naturally derived ingredients and she always used black seed oil. Merian has fond memories of going to her backyard, scraping aloe vera out of the plant, boiling flax seeds and using them as hair gels.

Merian Odesho’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree and an experience of spending 3-4 hours a day in chemistry labs mixing acids, balancing acid/base equations, analyzing bacteria in microbiology, and reading IR spectrums. Merian mentions that Bounce Curl is a business committed to creating hair products for wavy, curly & coily hair individuals. She herself carefully select ingredients that can style, moisturize, and hold beautiful curls.

Being an independent woman, she says “I am the cosmetic formulator behind every product in the Bounce Curl brand which means that I know Bounce Curl products meet the very highest standards. I examine and approve every single ingredient and the quality of those ingredients. I actually begin the formulation and production process at home and then in the lab on a larger scale. I am committed to using better ingredients in Bounce Curl products.”

Bounce Curl is a verified brand with Think Dirty. Think Dirty is an app that allows users to learn about potential hazards of product ingredients, indicating those with known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), hormone disruptors & allergens. It will rate products 1-10. A rating of 0-3 indicates a product is very green & clean and ALL Bounce Curl products earn a 0-3 rating. Even The Bounce Curl Clump & Define Cream won an award in the most recent Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards (2020) for Best Curl Product and the Bounce Curl Light Hold Gel won an award in the Best Styling Products category.

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