Michael Jay: A Millennial Serial Entrepreneur Shinning As Gold In Every Venture

In today’s business era youth is coming out with amazing new ideas to explore their talent widely. Talent is in abundance when we look closely around ourselves. But still many of these talented individuals need proper direction and finace to master their respective arts and come out as winners.

We have seen the rise of new set of entrepreneurs and innovators who have taken over the market by storm. New ideas, innovations, strategies, and much more have allowed the next gen customers to relax and choose easily among multiple options.

The exuberance of youth can scale up many ladders of success but yes even experience is as good as gold, Lets meet one astonishing entrepreneur who started from the base level to axonify himself into an experienced player reaching pinnacle of success today, Michael Jay.

Born and brough up in Philadelphia, Michael belonged to a family who struggled to meet ends. This forced him to drop out of school and start earning for himself and his family since a tender age. Initially Michael started to work as an electrician but later realised that his life would be nothing if he continues in this work, making amends he turned to start his own venture at mere 20 years of age.

Michael joined hands with one of his longtime friend to start an outdoor advertising business which made him end up in Los Angeles. Since then there is no looking back for him, he has excelled in the world of entrepreneurship as a true-blue professional and an ace mulitipreneur. He announced his arrival in the busines realm and has surprised many marketing pandits with his success stories in a short span of time.

The next few years, Michael saw himself in many different roles and ventures trying his luck in variety of domains. Starting from opening couple of restaurants to owing a bar club and then starting a business with his friend in the skin and beauty industry. Michael excelled in each and every endeavor he took up through his unaverred passion, love, dedication, and resilience.

He also served as the Vice-Chair of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, acting along with making decisions that affect businesses in the area. Tasting success in all of this business, Michael didn’t stop at this and decided to enter the real estate arena and construction businesses. He is the founder of his new construction company called 310 Builders Inc. that he has built in partnership with Taylor Zenter which operates marijuana cultivation facilities in California.

He has successfully built around 60 cultivation facilities accelerating growth in the construction business and driving many strategic imperatives for more profitability. 

Michael’s enthusiasm and the zest have propelled him into the cryptocurrency world as well. Working diligently for a project called “$SAINT”, which is a charity token that provides donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Michael wants to give it back to society in many ways and contribute towards welfare of children. 

Having mesmerized the entrepreneurial world with his grit and passion, Michael continues to hustle hard in his professional life and also make a difference to many social projects through his philanthropic initiatives. We are sure Michael will inspire a generation on the route to greatness. 

You can Follow him on Instagram: @dipgoat

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