Millionaires Don’t Need Astrologers, Billionaires Do

Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do”- JP Morgan.

You know those Apple product launch events that always seem to be so randomly timed? Those dates are chosen by Astrologers.

Mansa Musa I of Mali is the richest human being in history with a personal net worth of $400 billion! Guess what he used? Astrologers. Yes, Astrologers.

Tanaaz is a world class Astrologer and Blogger at Her Astrology-Business Consulting has proven invaluable for me time and time again. She’s been advising me for more than 2 years, and has been right, not once, not twice, but every single time. In the beginning days if I had listened to half of the advice, I would be writing this blog post from my private jet on my way to my winery in Tuscany.

Without any more delay, I’ll hand it over to Tanaaz.

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There are many successful companies that use astrology for business- Apple, JP Morgan Chase, in fact there are rumors that the US government also has a few astrologers on payroll.

Astrology is one of the most ancient metaphysical arts. Entire cities were built on the principals of astrology and the planets were once worshipped as gods. In fact, so many ancient civilizations relied on the formation of the planets to execute plans such as wars, planting of seeds and harvests.

 The basic principal of astrology is “as above, so below” which means that the planets in our solar system have the ability to mirror what is happening here on earth, almost like they shine their influences on the earth to create certain energetic force fields.

The day you “birth” something, whether it be a business or idea, is very important in astrology as it foretells the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and reveals the different energies surrounding it.

Because astrology gives us an understanding of the energies around us, we can learn to select days of action that will be more beneficial and more fruitful when it comes to business. Just the same, we can avoid days that perhaps would not be conducive to success.

Learning how to select the best astrological days goes deeper than just picking a lucky day. Choosing the best day also depends on the chart of the people behind the business and what constitution they were born with.

While this can get technical, by understanding your own astrological chart you can begin to learn what types of businesses and projects fall into your strengths and what types fall into your weaknesses.

If you are looking to Launch a Product, a Business or an Enterprise, then here is what you Need to Know About Astrology:

  • Full Moon: When the moon is full it signifies a completion of a project or the end of a cycle. During a full moon it’s the perfect time to reap your rewards and enjoy the bountiful harvest that is on offer. Launch products within a few days of the full moon.
  •  New Moon: This is the time to start new projects or plant new “seeds”. While the full moon is good for endings, the new moon is perfect for beginnings.
  • Mercury Retrograde: the planet mercury rules communication, technology, moving parts and contracts. For this reason when mercury is in retrograde it is never a good time to launch a new project. Usually when a contract is signed on a mercury retrograde things are fraught with delays, things are not what they seem, or the contract is terminated earlier than expected. Mercury retrograde however, is a good time to reach out to old contacts or clients who you have worked with in the past. It’s also a good time to reconvene on old projects that perhaps were placed by the wayside.
  • Venus Retrograde: Venus is the goddess of beauty, love and also profits. When she is in retrograde projects launched often do not return as higher profit as expected. The same applies to making investments when Venus is retrograde.
  • Mars Retrograde: Mars is the god of the divine masculine, action, energy and war. When mars is in retrograde, projects are often delayed, or sluggish and perhaps don’t have the energy to get off the ground.
  • Jupiter Conjunct Sun: A fantastic and very abundant time for launching projects as long as mercury is not in retrograde. A fantastic day to sign contracts, make deals and to invest.
  • Saturn Return: This happens to everyone between the ages of 28-31. During this time we feel the urge to put our roots down and to establish ourselves in our chosen careers. The only risk here is that while Saturn gives us the power to create “roots” it also wants to ensure that we take responsibility and follow the law. For this reason, any businesses ventured to in this time that have dodgy or unfair practices could prove problematic or provide a much needed “wake up call”.

Regardless of when you choose to launch your business one thing is always for sure- it’s the energy that you put into it that achieves the results. Why not make things easier for yourself and pick the best day?

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