Mobile Marketing: Creating and Managing Game Changing Facebook and Google Ads on Mobile

In this day in age, the value of being mobile is all but mandatory for anyone working in the e-commerce business. The reality is that getting things done while on the go is crucial for success, including digital marketing management. Luckily, the major social media platforms where many entrepreneurs connect with new clients and customers have given businesses the power to create and manage ads at your fingertips.

For spirits industry professional and direct-to-consumer marketing leader Luke Battiloro, the CEO of Vavoom Vodka, designing and targeting both Google and Facebook ads directly from a mobile phone is part of his daily sales strategy. The amount of time it takes and the ease of application has improved dynamically in recent years, as Facebook and Google have redesigned their content creation apps with marketing professionals in mind.

If you have had trouble managing your online ads in the past, it might be time to take another look. Both Facebook and Google have made their apps and mobile tools extremely user friendly, essentially giving businesses ad creation capability at the touch of a button.

Battiloro raves about the ease of use and value to his own online business in using these mobile marketing tools. “Facebook has made their app and Google extremely user-friendly. You can design a quick and responsive ad, post it, test its impact, and watch it throughout the day.”

Battiloro even states that he often uses mobile advertising to test different ads and see how they perform on a whim. Having the ability to try and create while on the go provides a competitive advantage to his business. For those just starting out, Battiloro shared how to make the most of on-the-go advertising. This includes his own guidelines for how to effectively test ads and yield usable results for improving future advertising.

Video ads 6 to 9 seconds long have been the most effective for Vavoom Vodka and exceeding 15 seconds is an absolute no-no with mobile advertising,” he said. For first time users, he strongly recommends against ads longer than 9 seconds. In addition, ads that are more brand-driven are not as effective unless your goal for the ad is establishing a brand, not immediate sales revenue. He also cautions in keeping consistent with your brand throughout your ad creation.

According to Battiloro, using mobile Facebook advertising tools for Instagram are simple as well. “It’s just practice. It’s learning by observing,” he says.

Although the tools are user friendly, the budget might not always be for new users. “Facebook advertising has become so competitive that your cost per acquisition is always getting higher and higher and higher as more and more people enter the Facebook ads industry,” said Battiloro.

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