Model & Social Media Influencer Desiree Schlotzhauer on What Keeps her Motivated in Life

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It takes more than good looks to be a model; you must also be confident, enthusiastic, and brave. The allure of the modeling profession attracts many people, yet it is a challenging field where one must work hard to succeed. Desiree Schlotzhauer has paved her way successfully in the industry, but the journey has been a rollercoaster ride.

Desiree Schlotzhauer is a model residing in Los Angeles who was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a full-time model and social media influencer. Desiree started modeling when she was 15 years old.

After five years as a model with an Arquette Agency in Minnesota, Desiree began attending community college and working for Bank of America. But modelling is her first love, and she quit a job that promised her insurance, retirement savings, and bonuses to chase her dreams.

About quitting her job and moving to LA, Desiree says, “After I quit that job and moved to LA, I struggled for year-and-a-half. I realized modeling didn’t pay the bills, so I had to get a job. I’ve had many jobs especially in wellness and beauty.

I have a background history of doing makeup so I decided to apply for a job as a makeup artist in Beverly Hills. I worked there for about 7 months before I started freelancing in makeup around LA. I then started doing weddings and events which led me into connecting with many models which got me more into social media.”

After making good connections, Desiree Schlotzhauer made her modelling dreams come true. She started getting offers where she had to showcase her elegance.

But the initial journey wasn’t easy as not every project paid well. But Desiree was happy to do something she loves, and she remained patient till she made it big and got big offers. The model has grown tremendously in her career, from featuring in big magazines to doing ravishing photoshoots with top photographers.

Today, Desiree is not only a well-known model but a famous social media influencer. It’s a busy life, and one wonders how she manages to stay motivated. When asked about the same, the gorgeous lady answers, “I definitely am motivated by growth.

Anytime I am able to challenge myself and put myself in situations where I am uncomfortable I know I will attain growth immensely. Working out, eating healthy, traveling, and working with respectable brands really motivates me as well. The only constant is change.”

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