Modern Entrepreneur Edison Roldan Shares His Secrets to Creating Wealth as a Digital Nomad

When it comes to employment and finances, it can be too easy to follow what’s in front of us and never veer from the traditional path or ask for more. Edison Roldan, a 26 year old entrepreneur and trader, is giving the masses the wake up call necessary to get us out of our comfort zone and into our growth zone to thrive in the digital age that’s upon us. Edison was able to capitalize on this modern and unconventional mindset to finance his freedom – here’s how!

Edison was born and raised in Long Island, New York. His first employment started at the age of 18 working as an overnight package loader for UPS, which ultimately made him realize the life he wanted lay outside of the restrictions of a 9-5 employment. Edison was never one to follow the traditional path by any means, and while working his job at UPS and completing his education at Nassau Community College studying Criminal Justice, Edison also began learning a lifelong skill that would become the epicentre of his future business – trading in the financial markets.

When discussing his success in generating multiple streams of income before even graduating college, Edison says:

“I didn’t like school – I didn’t like how I had to pay a lot of money for classes that didn’t even align with my major. I came across a guy on Instagram who was talking about making money from trading forex. I became fixated on it, studying and learning it. I remember taking my first live trade where I made $200 and I knew from then on, this is it. Even while I was trading and working at UPS, I wanted to create more income sources and I was always on google searching up jobs that I can get without a degree. I tried out a lot of different things like dropshipping and working as a valet, just trying to add to what I was already earning.”

After graduating with his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, instead of looking for work in his field, Edison chose to stick to his roots, continuing his search for the digital occupation that would align with his goals. 

As an experienced and successful trader, Edison already had a skillset under his belt that could fund his dream lifestyle, but he sought a platform to merge this skillset with the ability to give others the opportunity to follow in his footsteps to find financial independence. In May of 2019, Edison began his journey in network marketing through Tradehouse Investment Group, working tirelessly to build his team of open-minded individuals looking for new information and skills that can replace a traditional lifestyle. 

When discussing the objectives behind his current business model, Edison says:

“We teach people how to properly invest their money, through the foreign exchange market, the stock market, trading binary options, trading cryptocurrency – we help people build a portfolio from the comfort of their home. We also have an e-commerce platform that teaches people how to drop ship and open up their own online stores. Ultimately we’re helping people create residual income.”

A large part of Edison’s focus is to bring a fresh and unorthodox approach to employment to the masses. Edison says that with the current global pandemic and job security becoming an increasing concern, now is the perfect time to make a change to a digital option that won’t ever leave you without an income source. 

“Unfortunately, a lot of people get comfortable, and it’s not their fault, it’s just how people grow up in society. There’s a whole plan already in place of what our life is supposed to look like – go to a good school, get a degree, get a good job, work until you’re 65, get a good pension and then retire. But now we’re in a whole new era – a digital era, a digital type of money space. In 2020 and currently with COVID-19, people are getting laid off and are starting to realize that having one source of income is too close to zero. We help people make money right off their phone, on a 24 hour basis,” says Edison.

Edison’s dream was to live the lifestyle of a digital nomad – being able to make an income from anywhere in the world, travelling constantly and living and experiencing life to the fullest. He has since achieved that goal and more, as his team through Tradehouse investment group has grown from locally in the United States to globally, with partners as far as Africa who are now able to share in this experience with him. 

To achieve such heights of success, Edison has overcome the negativity that surrounded him from friends and family in the early stage of his journey, who were skeptical of his choices to venture outside of the lines to pursue entrepreneurship. Despite their lack of support, Edison remains positive in his outlook for the future of his business and has grown substantially in the process, learning to translate his passion for trading into excellence as an educator on the financial markets.

As a businessman leading by example to set his own standards for success and reaching beyond the straightforward path to the road less travelled, Edison’s best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to set your goals then visualize and act on the process of creating the life you’ve always wanted:

Write your goals down, seeing is believing. Create a plan on the steps you’ll take to achieve the goal. In order for me to hit my goals, I have to help my team hit their goals – so everything is about goals. One thing I’ve learned is if you want to be a 6 figure earner, ask yourself: what does a six figure earner do on a daily basis, what type of schedule do they have, what type of discipline do they have? Duplicate that.”

Edison’s dedication to designing his own occupation has allowed him to build a flourishing business and find multiple sources of income to support his dream lifestyle, and is a true inspiration to all of us to take the step outside of our comfort zone to participate in this new era of digital entrepreneurship.

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