Motivational Speaker Michael Timothy Johnson: “My Mission Is to Help People Lead More Fulfilling Lives”

Everyone wants to have a job they are happy doing and come home every day feeling fulfilled. But for millions, a life of paying overdue bills and overburdening responsibilities gets in the way of reaching their dream goals. As a personal consultant and motivational speaker, Michael Timothy Johnson has years of experience coaching others on how to navigate through life’s obstacles and succeed. Here, he talks about his journey and how he has helped so many others like him make their dreams come true.

Johnson talks about how much satisfaction he gets by living on his own terms, as he has the authority to make his own decisions. As an entrepreneur, Johnson quickly realized the hard work and determination it takes to make it big in the age of social media. Today he has garnered more than 150 thousand subscribers and over 14 million views. He also understands the struggle of those wanting to reach a place of financial stability doing what they love and wants to help them using the information he learned through experience.

He conducts 1 on 1 consultation calls on Skype with clients from all over the globe and offers them much-needed inspiration to chase their dreams as authentic individuals. As a motivational speaker, he has helped men improve their physique, gain confidence, deal with negativity, and create a career unique to their skillset. He explains, “My mission is to help people reach that fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.” Johnson highly recommends investing in yourself and focusing on development and building self-confidence.

Johnson is also active on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media and interacts with fans through live sessions, question-answer series, and more, regularly. His personal journey taught him about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life, and today he undertakes the task of sharing his lessons with others in order to improve their quality of life just like he did. His slogan of promoting alpha mentality has helped thousands transform their lives for the better.

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