Indian British Businessman Jawahar Kotwani Joins Hands with IDLR INC United States of America

Mr. Jawahar Kotwani has been into business from a very young age.  For three decades, he is in a global business and has been a very successful entrepreneur. Kotwani completed his MBA degree and developed a keen interest in the real estate sector, and started his career as a builder. Mr. Jawahar had a diversified suite of interests in stock markets, Import-Export, Minerals Mining, Pharmacy Manufacturing, and various other standard scopes of enterprises, where he achieved tremendous success.

Mid-Career Break

Kotwani was so determined to start his business with sheer passion and dedication, he achieved all the pinnacle of success and this success buzzes are not just in India it’s spread across the globe.

His persistent efforts and differential beliefs helped him climb the humble pillar of success gradually with time. 

He is the Founder & Director of companies named:

  1. IDLR INC (United States of America) 
  2. Sadbhav Minerals PVT Ltd., 
  3. Sadbhav Group Ltd. in London (UK)
  4. Techy Trading By Sadbhav Group
  5. Lucky Trading and Co, Dubai
  6. Greater Africa SARL (Benin-Contonu)
  7. BMK Trading and Co LTD (Thailand)

His real-estate projects include:

  1. Signature green 
  2. Palash reality 
  3. Windsor palm 
  4. Geet  reality 
  5. Palash associate 
  6. HM reality 
  7. Simran reality 
  8. Mann reality

Kotwani was interested in the Bollywood Industry and soon his new project will hit the screen by the end of 2021. He’s also an Indian Editor of Indo Thai News Channel which is also a benchmark status for him.


Kotwani recently joined hands with Dr. Shrish Singh Tomur. Mr. Tomur is an NRI and well-established doctor in the USA. He treated thousands of cancer patients in past 35 years. He started his medical chain to help cancer patients worldwide. Now, Mr. Tomur is about to launch a few more medicines oh his brand with Industrialist and well-known personality of India Mr. Jawahar Kotwani.

As we spoke to Kotwani about what’s his vision with IDLR, he said, “Medicide is something which has to be in reach of every single person not only in India but in some poor countries like Mozambique, Uganda, Tajikistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and many more as we can see IDLR as a charitable company, as we are more focused to serve not to earn.”

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