Multitalened Youth : Kirti Sourove’s Inspiring Internet Journey

Talking about Social Media Marketing Kirti says

In the world of digital civilization people around the world are thriving for advancement of technology for the respective organization or Country. Today we are going to know about Kirti Sourove from Bangladesh who’s been working in this field in comparatively young age.

He’s a Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Social Media Marketing Consultant and also a successful Musical Artist.

Talking about Social Media Marketing Kirti says,There has been a huge change in business after social media marketing, it’s used to engage effectively with consumers and there is a lot of research on the impact of social media on Business and other stuffs. This brought a remarkable increase in the progression of technology and it definitely demands that business should rethink their digital marketing strategies as soon as possible.

For a social media strategy to work it is important that the communication is two-way where customer opinion is often prioritized. Similarly, it is important to integrate social media marketing with the overall online marketing strategy also sharing contents with the users in a social media in friendly way. Effective collaboration and providing essential content play an important role in the success of a social media marketing in Business.”

While talking, Kirti Sourove shared his experience of recovering many social media accounts of some renowned companies from hackers. Kirti Sourove believes Cyber Security is now a major threat for many established companies. It is important because government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations collect, process and stores huge amounts of data on computers or any other devices.

A major portion of that data can be sensitive and personal, also that be intellectual property, financial data or other types of data for which unauthorized access or exposure could have negative consequencesCitizens and governments should be aware about Cyber Attacks otherwise, the rate of attacks will increase and we may not be able to control it.

Kirti Sourove is a Musicophile (one who loves music) so he loves working on songs too. He spares time to cherish this hobby of his. He loves to take challenges and face fears. Kirti believes this quality enables him to do these jobs in this age.Recently Kirti Sourove is getting drastic response on his ArtistYouTube Channel named : Kirti Sourove. Kirti aspires a group of smart and fearless youth like him, handling this sector and take their country in an ultimate zone along with other developed countries in world like United States, Russia, China,South Korea and many more. This Multi-Talented man, KirtiSourove believes technology will be able make the world a better place in future.

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