Music Sensation Nathalie Miranda Talks About Her Latest Single ‘Battle Scars’

It’s no surprise she has gained the reputation of an artist who is ahead of her time. Her distinctive vocal style defines her signature sound as an artist. Artists like Nathalie Miranda are truly a rare find.

Her work with various major and independent projects is done from her home studio. Nathalie is one of the very few artists who does whatever it takes to gain momentum in the music industry. She says, ‘I work in order to get closer to achieving my dreams. I am always striving and completely determined to get my music out there in the world. I have set up a small home studio where I record all my songs, and that is the most important thing to me – getting my music out there with my own stamp on it.

The Empowered Soul In ‘Battle Scars’

‘Battle Scars’ is about a woman who has overcome the injustice brought to her by her ex, and she is saying that he won’t get away with it. Her metaphorical ‘battle scars’ make her stronger and more empowered than ever before. The single has some amazing retro vibes and the video is totally 70s!

‘Thank god the rehearsal studios were allowed to stay open during the lockdown. That’s how I was able to hire one of the larger rooms to safely accommodate my 4 piece band for the video shoot.’ The other shots in the video were done at Nathalie’s home and the retro outfits in the video killed it!

Nathalie’s message to artists just starting out

‘Stay true to yourself. Be proud of who you are and believe in yourself & your abilities. You can achieve whatever you want.

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