MusicByFortune: From a Troubled Past to Stardom

New York has always been a major hub for entertainment. The state is centered around New York City, a place of bright lights, good food, and an endless amount of people. New York is also a place where a lot of trouble in the streets takes place. The constant competition of who can get rich the fastest is always at play, making places dangerous.

One artist who has seen both the bright and dark side of New York is Long Island native MusicByFortune. Fortune started music at the age of 5, after beginning the piano and falling in love with the art. His early life was simple, and he was well supported from the start.

Fortune was born in a relatively upper-middle-class family of Hispanic origins, with supportive parents who worked endlessly to provide their children with the life they never had. Having everything at such a young age, Fortune found himself partying and getting himself into more trouble than he might have ever imagined. He became fascinated with street life because those individuals were the only ones who could keep up with him on a musical level. Being the family’s black sheep, Fortune rebelled against the life he was given and landed himself in prison for three and a half years, where he spent his early adult life.

Since his time in prison, Fortune has come a long way. Learning to channel his emotions into music, the creative has stormed onto the music scene. He has a unique ability to put his listeners in his shoes. With nearly 30 thousand followers on Instagram and thousands of streams across all platforms, it’s safe to say Fortune has come back even stronger.

Fortune’s music catalog is impressive. Ever since making his debut to all major streaming platforms in 2019 with his song “King Of My City,” Fortune has been on a roll with eye-catching singles and sonically pleasing projects. His most impressive release to date is a collaboration track featuring multi-platinum artists Lil Tjay and Relle Bey. He’s also landed on Power 105.1 with DJ Self and has been able to collaborate with famous artists like Rich The Kid, Chinx Drugz, Cash Money AP, and Turbo & Zaytoven.

Fortune’s story is a real-life example of what determination can bring someone who was once in a dark place. Fortune never gave up; he knew what he wanted to do and started chasing his dream.When talking with Fortune, he said, “only certain artists have the ability to communicate in a way that transcends to your heart and soul, and I aspire to be that. Artists I look up to inspire me because they consistently remind me of what true greatness sounds like, and I will always continue to stripe and reach for those goals.”

You can follow MusicByFortune on Instagram here: @musicbyfortune


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