Musician Rioma on Turning His Childhood Passion into a Successful Profession

This is Rioma’s journey from being a passionate youngster to becoming a household name in the music industry.

Some people know what they want to do early in life and hold onto that dream into their adult years. If they’re lucky, they’re able to make that dream into a career. Musician Rioma has achieved that goal, releasing his first studio album in early 2020 to great success.

Rioma is a 25-year-old singer, rapper, and songwriter from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to pursue music as a career. In his early years, he was heavily influenced by artists like Post Malone and Travis Scott. However, once he started attending college, he only made music as a hobby, creating his own tracks in GarageBand.

After a while, Rioma knew that he couldn’t deny how passionate he was about music and dropped out of college to work on his craft. He would sit in his room all day and write lyrics and beats, learning the ropes and gradually getting better. Now, he’s released four hit singles, ’35,’ ‘YKTV Ft. Henry AZ,’ ‘Better Off,’ and ‘Pour You Up.’ “Being able to turn my childhood passion into a successful profession is the greatest gratification,” Rioma said. “Getting this far in my career is beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t wait to see where I go next.”

His new album Sub-Zero has taken the pop world by storm. Its nine songs feature up-and-coming artists like Geo Martin, Chad B, and Youngin. “I love working with other artists,” Rioma said. “It helps me learn new things and create unique tracks, so my fans always have something different to listen to.”

His songs have over 300,000 listens on Spotify, and he has amassed 10,000 monthly listeners on the platform. He garners even more listens on SoundCloud and YouTube. His song ‘Better Off’ was #1 for two consecutive weeks on the independent DRT charts. Rioma’s music is an exemplary example of the evolution of the pop genre, and he melds compelling, unique lyrics with hip hop beats that could get any crowd excited.

In the end, Rioma doesn’t regret giving up college for a second to pursue music. This choice has allowed him to work towards his childhood dream of making music, and he’s excited to continue creating beats for years to come.


Written by Digital Nod

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