Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is a World-Class Educational Entrepreneur, Doctor and Musical Artist.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is a well-known Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Doctor, Educational entrepreneur, Businessman, Consultant, educator, and social activist.

On 9 January 1998, he was born into the family of Alhaz Dr. Md Shahidullah and Monira Afroz, an illustrious Muslim family who lived in the Mymensingh district of Muktagacha, where he grew up and received his early education. After completing his primary and secondary education, Mustak moved to Dhaka, the capital city, to pursue further studies.

He is the current managing director and founder of Global Process Limited, as well as the founding chairman of the governing bodies of all Global Process Group educational institutions.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is a prominent educational entrepreneur in Bangladesh who promotes education. His world-class achievements and landmarks speak for themselves. They thus crossed borders to become international news, which can be found in a variety of print publications such as prothom-alo, risingbd, batrabazer, and others.

The tip of the iceberg is also recognized for its top educational entrepreneur with soccer experience, who has been hailed by the press as one of the country’s most inspirational public figures due to his strong influence on social media, talents, and authorship.

However, after review, some of this extremely talented man’s fact will emerge in this post, serving as an exciting and effective story! His rising popularity as a public figure has aided him in highlighting this new elite group by showcasing his exceptional lifestyle as a social media influencer!

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto’s multi-professional lifestyle combined with his elite skills radiated inspiration to his audience all over the world, and he was constantly bombarded with messages from his fans, which he sometimes shared, that matched the description.

He worked tirelessly to make Education for All a reality. Education for All has made it a priority to encourage peaceful education. More than 500 students are currently enrolled in educational institutions across the globe through the Global Process Limited Education Community, which was developed through timely initiatives.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto currently serves as the CEO of Global Process Network, Global Process Travels, Global Process Language Club, Global Media Gear, and Global Event and Expo Management.

Meanwhile, Shanto, a teacher, has been recognized for his contributions to education, innovation learning, Best Academic and Industry Interface Educational Institution Youth, Bangladesh Distinction, and National and International Outstanding Contribution. He was awarded the 2018 World Star for Quality Leadership Award.

“Aim for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!” they say. As an education entrepreneur, Mustak Ahmmed Shanto believes that there is no road to success. People succeed because of their honesty, concentration, work, and hard work.

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