Naffles Goes Live: “Win an NFT For the Price of a Cup of Coffee”


Naffles stormed into 2024 determined to emerge as a game-changer in Web3, offering a revolutionary platform for conducting NFT raffles. As the countdown to their moon mission makes its first stop, has officially gone live, marking the start of a long and hard-fought journey for the loyal community and its founder, Naffler.

What’s Live?


For key holders and founders, the platform is now ready for action, allowing them to create raffles effortlessly. With the flexibility to choose between standard and unlimited raffles, the power is in the hands of the creators. Open-entry tickets, represented as zkSync NFTs, are available for staked Founders Key holders to mint, ensuring a seamless experience.

Essential Details integrates with zkSync, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective user-friendly experience. The use of zkSync NFTs for open-entry tickets simplifies the process for staked Founders Key holders. This integration also facilitates a streamlined zkSync bridge during the payment window, contributing to a seamless user experience.

The platform is diligently working on obtaining an Anjouan gambling license, a crucial step towards wider public advertising. Once secured, Naffles will further solidify its position as a fully licensed crypto raffling platform.

How To Create a Naffles Raffle


Creating a Naffle raffle is a straightforward process. Connect your wallet, choose your asset, set the stakes, and launch your raffle. Standard and unlimited raffles cater to different preferences:

Standard Raffles: Fixed tickets at a set price, creating anticipation among participants
Unlimited Raffles: Ideal for promotions, these raffles feature an infinite number of tickets for an exciting experience

The Naffles Team

Behind Naffles is a team of hardcore web3 enthusiasts rooted in the Neo Tokyo project. Naffler, the brains behind the operation, is joined by some of The Citadel’s finest who occupy roles in development, marketing, advising, and community leadership positions.

Benefits of Using Naffles

Naffles opens new avenues for NFT owners to profit from their assets. Project founders can conduct transparent and fair raffles for their communities, while NFT holders get to sell their assets above the floor price set. Likewise, winners of the raffles get to acquire these assets for a fraction of the normal cost – maybe even for the price of a cup of coffee in some cases. With the notorious illiquidity of the NFT market, a solution like Naffles is something a lot of people have been yearning after for some time.

Future Plans and Vision

Looking ahead, plans to raise funds for marketing, additional features/lotteries and UI/UX improvements through an upcoming token presale. The platform envisions expanding beyond P2P raffles to include social and casino games, offering users a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Final Thoughts

With the resurgence of the NFT market, there’s a fresh wave of enthusiasm for trading JPEGs, perfectly aligning with the launch of Naffles. The appealing aspect of sellers having the opportunity to sell above the floor is drawing attention, and savvy traders may leverage the platform for arbitrage against conventional platforms. Additionally, the enticing prospect for users to acquire high-value NFTs at a fraction of the price is likely to attract a growing audience as word spreads.

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