Nara Ford , A Former U.S. Airforce Airman Becomes Wildly Successful Model and Entrepreneur

Join us as we sit down with Nara Ford, a beautiful business mogul that proves hard work really does pay off

In the modeling industry, getting noticed is about as common as being struck by a meteor. But Nara Ford did get noticed, in a big way, and in the least expected place: The U.S. Air Force. Since then, she has created an empire that is growing rapidly after a wildly successful first year in the business produced half a million dollars!

We had a conversation with Nara recently to learn what drives her, and more importantly, what advice she has for aspiring models hoping to mirror her massive success.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Nara. Why don’t you introduce yourself to any readers who might not know you yet?

NF: Sure, thanks for having me. Well, I was born and raised in the tiny beach town of Ocean Shores, Washington. The population is only 6,000, which interestingly is equal to about 15% of my OnlyFans following, so that’s crazy to think about. I wanted to make a difference on some level, so I joined the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Mississippi. While there, I was featured on several social media sites and pages like Facebook, Instagram, and The Chive, as a “Military Hottie.” So after that, the modeling just really took off.

Wow, any pushback from the Air Force on that one?

NF:  (Laughs). Well, yeah, some people had some things to say, for sure. But I didn’t let it stop me. Once I got my first $5,000 check for being featured in a magazine, I was hooked. I got stationed in Las Vegas, which was the perfect spotlight for me. I learned all I could about the modeling industry and how to monetize my Instagram, and was able to make $500,000 my first year alone!

That’s impressive! So now you’re on a mission to help other aspiring models find that same success?

NF: Right. I host networking events and engagements where I try to teach women how to stay focused on their goals, not care too much what others think, and use the model I created to brand themselves. I really want to see women succeed in business. It’s so much fun, but also so lucrative. I figure, why not share what I’ve learned?

Do you ever turn down a client? If so, why?

NF: I get some odd requests from time to time, but I never judge my clients. To each his own, you know? I don’t typically say no to requests. I really care about what my clients and fans want. I’ve tried to create my business around their needs and taste.

What do you do to keep from getting discouraged in such a harsh industry?

NF: Well, I work out, meditate, get plenty of rest. I have a really supportive circle of people around me, so that helps a lot. I also don’t take the opinions of others too seriously. You can’t if you want to succeed in such a brutal industry. But all in all, it’s been great. I don’t seem to face a lot of setbacks. I’ve had a fantastic ride, and I’m not anywhere near done yet!

What can fans expect from you in the near future?

NF: I’m assembling an awesome group of hotties, some they’ll know, some they won’t. But we’re featuring them on my site, which is helping them get new followers. I’ll soon be announcing via social media some exciting news about the content group I’m building.

To keep up on the latest with Nara, follow her on Instagram at @thenaraford, Twitter at nara_ford, and on her website at


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