Nasir Shah Wani, Pakistani Entrepreneur Became an Epitome of Success Through Starting Pakistan E Group & Urdu Live

Success. What it is? For many, it is to achieve a target or goal. But unfortunately, as soon as they accomplish the target, they lose interest. They find it a rigorous job and eventually, fall. At times fall so hard that they find no courage to stand again.

Interestingly, there are a handful of people who take a leap of faith and just move forward. No heavy tide in the sea can make them lose hope. All they know is to run, run faster, and then fastest. Among such people, we have a Pakistani entrepreneur, Mr. Nasir Shah Wani. He with some exceptional traits made an impact on society. Today, the majority of writers, readers, and authors know him.

Wani never had to prove his abilities. They were always highlighted because of the charisma in personality. It is all due to the notions he carries with him – never look at excuses, always work on all the challenges, and remain steadfast in the perusal of destiny.

In the interview, we took, there discussed the humble background he belonged to, how he decided to leave studies, what made him start online marketing, etc.

Question: Wani, you are coming from a humble background. Can you tell us about it so that the readers may know we don’t need money to get fame and success?  

Answer: Yes, sure. I belong to a humble background. My journey started with not just limited but very limited resources. Without internet in the early 90s in my hometown, no means of learning or receiving mentorship, and zero levels of help from family; I made my way to the directed path. Interestingly, the direction that I chose was not followed by a single person from my town. Hence, it was a road unseen, untraveled, and undocumented. Even then, I embarked on the journey and see where I am today, my destination.

Question: How you landed on making living in the online world?

Answer: Today, I am running a business, Pakistan E Group & Urdu Live. Other than that, I am rending services as a Chief Editor of a daily newspaper ( As I mentioned earlier, with zero support or mentorship as people get in today’s era, with no money in pocket and dropping out from studies; it was extremely hard to achieve success.

For me, in the start, it was just quitting my studies. The reason I had was simple. My aim was larger than the corporate lifestyle. I wanted to have my own company or a business. Therefore, with little known, I started working as a marketer. Not physical but online. That was one of the best things that I ever did. The feeling was amazing and my life was not a monotonous one. Every day with an increase in the information and understanding of the online world, I grew professionally.

Question: What is Urdu Live all about? 

Answer: Urdu Live is a news-based website with a live TV feature. There are different categories on which I collect information. For example, there are sports, international and local news, sports, trade, and e-paper.

The main aim of this website is to impart knowledge as to all that is happening in this world. But like many other businesses, my business also went through several ups and downs. If you are thinking “how come Wani is still sailing the boat in deep, rough waters?”, then let me tell you the reason.

Remain consistent in mission, the goal. Never think about stopping the unstoppable instinct. You can pass the roughest and toughest of phases with resistance, willpower, and hard work. Make them your friend and not enemy. You will see a bloom in strategies. Despite the challenges, stay steadfast. I know it is not easy but this is the only way to sail through odds.

Question: Which five doctrines do you use to boost business? 

Answer: Passion is the first element to determine success. Vision, plan, perseverance, and patience are the other four. Without passion, there is nothing you can do to reach the defined success point. Means, without this element in your life, there will not be a reason to wake up in the morning. With the presence of passion, you can do undoable. When I say vision is important to grow a business, it is because vision directs you towards attaining a goal.

Yes, there are many business failure stories. One aspect that is common in all those stories is the lack of passion and vision. Likewise, without strategic planning, it will take more than the expected time frame to reach the success point. It is because you will be following anyone and everyone. To get mastery in planning you are bound to try different tried and tested tactics. Some work, others don’t.

Perseverance and patience go hand in hand. If you tend to give up easily, then you might reach the success point but will find it hard to stay there for long. There is a lot more you have to do in order to stay passionate about business. Keeping a check on failures and wins. Don’t worry when you meet failures. They let you grow and learn. Take it positively.

Question: How can people reach you out? Is there any message for your followers?

Answer: People can follow and reach out at I have only one message for all those who find my story inspiring or motivating. It is to know and define goals and understand vision before starting a business. You will find it easy to maintain and climb the ladder of success.


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