NBA Insider Adam Borai: From Twitter to Bleacher Report

Adam Borai, a Five Reasons Sports Network contributor, has worn many hats in the Miami Heat media world. Between starting his own show on YouTube, “The Clutch Corner,” which features other network members Royal A. Shepherd, Michael Christian and Allana Tachauer, appearing on a number of NBA Podcasts across various networks and most recently starting to contribute to nationally renowned written publications, the NBA Insider is becoming a household name within the industry.

To date, Borai has broken some of the top news across the league, including Jimmy Butler’s deal with the Heat and James Hardening requesting a trade from the Houston Rockets. This, alongside his precise basketball analysis, has earned him over 24,000 Twitter followers – a number that is inevitably going to increase with each season that passes. Since entering the scene, Borai has proven himself as a top insider, often cited by regional and national media members alike.

Most recently, Borai has started to contribute to a handful of journalistic outlets such Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated, and is only looking to further grow his reach. His regular updates make him both an asset to such sites, as well as an invaluable resource for basketball fans in Miami and beyond.

With his vast knowledge of teams across the league and accurate sourcing, Borai’s place within the NBA reporting space is not just solidified, but steadily developing into a bigger, better footprint.

As another NBA offseason is shortly upon us, people should expect to see Borai’s name across numerous bylines.



Written by Jonathan Jadali

Jonathan Jadali is a American Entrepreneur/Social Media Influencer and the Founder and CEO of a Social Media Marketing and PR agency. Jadali helps companies and individuals get the brand notoriety and recognition they deserve.

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