Neeraj Raja Kochhar Believes – No Food Without Stainless Steel?

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Neeraj Kochhar’s Viraj Group is one of the few companies that have maintained the quality. This blog will brief you about the importance of stainless steel in the food industry. I know that sounds weird, but that Is a fact. In today’s era, it is almost impossible for so someone to cook food without stainless steel.

Stainless steel has revolutionized the food industry. Earlier, we used to have utensils that were not durable. Take copper, for instance, it used to oxidize after some time. However, that thing is not applicable for stainless steel. There are a huge number of companies that offer the finest stainless steel to this industry.

Manufacturing units

You must have surely seen one or the other manufacturing plant. Have you ever noticed a common thing in them? Yes, all the machines are made of stainless steel. It doesn’t matter whether you go to a jam-making factory or a pork cutting factory. Ever wondered why? Exactly, stainless steel never corrodes. Thus, these machines can work for many years without much maintenance. This not only reduced the production cost but also reduces the final price of the product.

You can see the importance in milk product factories too. Just think, you get fresh dairy products at your home, though they were made days ago. How? Yes, through the process of pasteurizing. But, did you know that pasteurizing is not possible in metal containers other than stainless steel? Yes, other metal containers will have adverse effects on the quality of milk, and it will not be preserved for a long time.

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All the appliances

Go to your kitchen, and have a look. There is not even a single appliance that does not have stainless steel in it. One of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen is the microwave. Even the additional utensils of microwaves are made of stainless steel. We use the pan to make pizza, and We Have a tray to bake cookies or cake. Stainless steel has made all of this possible. If you replace steel with other metal, then that the appliance will no longer work effectively. Instead, you will surely observe the adverse effects of the other alloy.

Every stainless steel is not the same

As per Neeraj Kochhar’s latest news, he mentioned strongly the good quality of steel by the viral group. However, Have You ever wondered whether the quality of steel matters or not? Though stainless steel is a perfect alloy for the food industry. However, not all variants of it can be used in it. For instance, some variants emit poisonous substances on heating, which can affect the food. Moreover, some cannot even bear the heat at which milk boils.

To conclude, the food industry needs to get the finest stainless steel. Stainless steel for the food industry should have a minimum 11% of chromium, and nickel in it. That makes it robust to withstand heat and pressure.

About Neeraj Raja Kochhar

Neeraj Raja Kochhar Chairman and Managing Director, Viraj Profiles Ltd. – After two decades of success in Logistics, Neeraj Raja Kochhar entered the stainless steel arena in 1992. Viraj Profiles was founded in Tarapur, an industrial township, with a small induction furnace. It manufactured utensil-grade steel for domestic markets.

The company has grown to become one of the most important stainless steel producers with a production capacity of 528,000 tonnes per annum. This includes stainless steel wires, wire rods and fasteners. Neeraj Kochhar also helping their employees during this COVID pandemic, motivating his employees to donate blood and other curriculum activities.

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